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Will Russ Committed to Texas?

Why the f not? This is, after all, January 29, 2010, the day the Longhorns rule the recruiting world. Stealing from the piggies is good. -- GoBR-- 1:52 pm Update: Okay, here's the deal -- Russ is visiting Austin Friday afternoon and plans until staying on Sunday. It looks like the Shreveport newspaper's report is incorrect, as is the assertion by Russ' coach that Texas has already offered. Russ himself refuted the Thursday report from Shreveport to the Rivals Piggie affiliate. In all likelihood, Russ will formally receive his offer some time Friday evening in a meeting with Mack Brown in his office. Russ may indeed commit, which his coach says is what he "fully expects" because "Texas is Texas." Indeed, coach. On this day, Texas is certainly Texas, With us or against us. -- GoBR -- A local Shreveport television station is reporting that Will Russ has swapped his commitment from Arkansas to Texas. I have not been able to confirm this information yet, but will update when more information is available.

The Last of the Latest Recruits?


Will Russ from Evangel Christian in Shreveport La. has been rumored to be a surprise visitor. Could Mack be up to it again? Would Hunter Lawrence anoint this one to bear his mantle? A special team treat at 6'4" 185lbs pre-Maddog Punter and Kicker. This is a fantastic idea. I approve. -- GoBR --

Five-star Jackson Jeffcoat sets announcement time ($)


Friday during a 10 A.M. CST press conference at Plano West High School, ESPN's Gerry Hamilton reports.

Jeffcoat Down To Three ($)


Jackson Jeffcoat update -- ESPN reports that the Plano West defensive end narrowed his choices to Texas, Oklahoma, and Houston, eliminating Arizona State. [Update]: Now it looks like Jim Jeffcoat is saying that there will be no announcement on Sunday.

Fox 4 Producer: Jackson Jeffcoat to Announce 1/31


According to a tweet from Kevin Morrell, the executive sports producer at Fox 4, the Dallas affiliate, Jackson Jeffcoat will announce his collegiate decision on January 31st live on the station. No word on the in-home visit Mack Brown had with the Jeffcoats on Wednesday, but there will be few details to emerge from the meeting. Jeffcoat is still expected to take his official visit to Oklahoma this weekend.

Humphrey Commits to Oklahoma ($)


It turns out that Eric Humphrey was just a brief flash across the Texas recruiting radar -- the Dallas Episcopal defensive end/tackle will cross over the Red River and become an Oklahoma Sooner, only days after seriously considering a commitment to Texas Tech. For the Longhorns, several factors played into Humphrey's eventual decision. First of all, the Longhorns were not quite quick enough to secure an official visit from Humphrey, whose stock blew up around Thanksgiving after the release of his senior film. The other factor was the scholarship situation for Texas, as the numbers got tight after the commitment of Mike Davis. With the transfer of Marcus Davis and the dismissal of Brandon Collins in the last week, it began to look like there might have been enough room for Humphrey. It's also worth pointing out that it was never clear just how interested Humphrey was in Texas.

Big Weekend For Hicks ($)


It's coming down to the wire for 2010 linebacker Jordan Hicks, who hopes to make his commitment in the coming weeks. The next several days may have a big impact on that eventual decision, as Hicks will receive in-home visits Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from his three finalists -- Ohio State, Florida, and Texas. Even though Mack Brown has already taken his in-home visit with Hicks, Texas will have the final word in Hicks' recruitment, as Will Muschamp will visit with Hicks on Saturday, while Jim Tressel will visit for Ohio State and Steve Addazio, Scott Loeffler, and the new Florida linebackers coach will visit as representatives of the Gators. The interesting thing here, of course, is that Urban Meyer will not be making the trip, perhaps realizing that it's up to Addazio to sell the program to Hicks. Hicks gives the expected vague answers about where his three finalists currently stand, but the combination of losing Charlie Strong and the uncertainty surrounding Urban Meyer probably puts Texas in the lead as rumors swirl about his desire to spent his college years in warmer weather than Ohio. If that is truly the case, there's a strong chance that Hicks becomes a Longhorn in the next two weeks.

Marcus Davis Will Transfer


After being arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance and driving while intoxicated, Marcus Davis has decided to transfer from the University of Texas. He had been suspended since his arrest. The Longhorns aren't suffering from a lack of depth at defensive back and will lose only Deon Beasley, who did not play much this season. However, Earl Thomas could turn pro and both Browns will graduate after next season, along with the possibility that Aaron Williams could leave early. The loss of Davis will likely be felt the most when Williams leaves, as Davis was the likely candidate to replace AW at the nickel back position, crucial to the Texas defense as they face spread offenses every week. The Longhorns will now have to find a new replacement for Williams. Davis' transfer is helpful in that it opens up a scholarship, potential letting the Longhorns add another player to the 2010 class, with the two main possibilities being Dallas Episcopal defensive end/defensive tackle Eric Humphrey or Lancaster's Tyler Stephenson, a talented and speedy corner committed to Baylor who recently called Duane Akina expressing his interest in the Texas program. In other news, sophomore defensive end Russell Carter is ineligible for the game after bombing a final. Carter was not expected to play in the national championship game.

Davis Becomes #21 ($)


It hasn't been easy for Texas to recruit Dallas Skyline high school, a hotbed of recruiting. Securing a commitment from Christian Scott was a major victory and now the addition of wide receive Mike Davis may help the Longhorns secure a foothold in the talent-rich school, which features several top 2011 recruits and Corey Nelson, who may take a visit to Austin. As a player ,Davis is known for his sharp route-running and ability to make defenders miss in the open field, particularly in the screen game. As someone mentioned in the FanShot noting the commitment, at least Adrian White doesn't have to worry about defending any more, as Davis burned White for two monster games in each of the last two seasons. While Davis does have excellent burst and a strong first step, the major concern is about his top-end speed, which is less than elite. The major question is how Davis' commitment will influence the recruitment of Darius White, as the Longhorns now have four or five receivers in the 2010 class, depending on where DeMarco Cobbs ends up. Given White's talent, there is probably still room for him in the class and further thoughts over the following days will help try to flesh out the implications.

Brown To Make In-Home Visit With Hicks Wednesday


Florida will get the last word with Jordan Hicks as he takes his last official visit this weekend, but Mack Brown will help keep the Longhorns near the forefront of his mind with an expected in-home visit with Hicks Wednesday. Perhaps even bigger news is that Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong, who also coaches the linebackers, will accept the Lousiville coaching job. Scipio Tex sees it as a big break and though it probably won't eliminate the Gators, there's little doubt that it strikes a blow to their efforts, as Hicks will have little time to establish a relationship with the new defensive coordinator. Hicks does have an excellent relationship with Will Muschamp and Texas' position is strengthened by the relationship between his mother and Jeff Madden, with whom she worked at Colorado. If the departure of Charlie Strong does in fact weaken Florida's position enough to take them out of the running, the fact that Hicks' mother plans on moving if he attends school out-of-state probably helps the Longhorns as well. After all, Austin weather has to look pretty appealing in the midst of an Ohio winter.

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