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2010 Texas Recruiting Class -- The Misses


The breakdown of the eight players Texas offered in the 2010 recruiting class who ended up attending other schools, including the biggest miss of the class -- Jake Matthews, the son of...

Morning Coffee Belatedly Talks Recruiting


Morning Coffee belatedly checks in on Aaron Frankliln's decision to attend Oklahoma, as well as discussing whether or not there are some endemic problems in Texas recruiting. Also, answers as to...

"Franklin Spurns Lifelong Favorite" ($)


So says Sooner Scoop's Josh McCuistion: the Marshall linebacker will head to OU, "spurning" Texas. More bad recruiting news, so what else is new? Franklin will no doubt enjoy getting run all over the field by Darius Terrell from the flex tight end position. You're getting no help from your coach, buddy. Have fun. Breaking down to the pure choice between Venables, Chizik-like in his inability to adjust or Coach Boom, why not Muschamp? Yes, I'm a little bitter. More on this later in the weekend and best of luck to Franklin at OU -- he handled the process with maturity, but it can't feel anything but a little bit traitorous when a Texas kid heads north of the Red River when he could have been a Longhorn.

Morning Coffee Barely Makes the Morning


Morning Coffee has an update on Tristan Thompson and a breakdown of Myck Kabongo's game, as well as Longhorns on the ESPNU 150, thoughts on Tevin Jackson and the latest in Aaron Franklin's...

Afternoon Brewsky Gears Up For Fall Practice


Afternoon Brewsky has the updates from Aaron Franklin's weekend visit, a new 2011 running back on the Texas radar and a belated review of Chris Whaley's performance in the THSCA All-Star game.

Franklin Taking Austin Trip ($)


Finally, after what seems like an eternity, good recruiting news! Despite maintaining for the last several weeks (ever since returning from Norman) that he didn't have a trip planned to Austin, Franklin changed his mind and will visit with the Longhorn coaching staff Thursday evening. Only weeks away from his decision, and with OU holding a slight lead because of a higher comfort level, things didn't look good for the Longhorns being able to make up that extra ground. Until now. With Will Muschamp and Mack Brown getting a final chance to raise Franklin's comfort level with the program and pitch Longhorn football, the odds of landing Franklin increase, perhaps not substantially, but significantly. This is right in Mack's wheelhouse and Muschamp's intensity and vision for the defense only helps.

Evening Brewsky is Short and Sweet


Evening Brewsky talks Aaron Franklin, a new 2009 baseball commit, and a new 2010 name on Rick Barnes' radar.

Afternoon Brewsky Isn't Shocked At Losing Nelson


Afternoon Brewsky breaks down Corey Nelson's commitment to A&M, as well as looking at a defensive back now on the Texas radar again, the three freshman basketball players on campus, and more...

Afternoon Brewsky Finally Finds Some Material


Afternoon Brewsky returns with some fresh information on Texas summer 7-on-7 workouts, the latest on Aaron Franklin, a Jordan Hamilton interview, and a 2010 basketball target who might emerge...

Morning Coffee Tries To Help You Through the Off-season


Morning Coffee helps pass the time during the off-season with more recruiting news, including a new 2011 tight end on the radar, a breakdown of Leroy Scott, the top 2011 cornerback, as well as...

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