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Texas Congressman Proposes Bill to End BCS


It's a start. Here's hoping this bill gets some bi-partisan support. If ever there was a way for politicians to earn the admiration of their constituency, it's signing on to support a bill like this.


Thankful post

Now that I have allowed my frustrations to cool off, I'll try to be more positive.  I'll never fully let this go: Even OU fans will acknowledge (the smart ones anyway) that this was not an ideal...

It's Florida & Oklahoma, according to Scout & Fox


Fox is about to announce the official results but Scout.com has Florida and Oklahoma headed to Miami. (Scout had it right the last couple of weeks and is owned by Fox.) If this is right, Texas ended up with a .05 computer advantage (.94 to .89) but was a distant third in both the USA Today and Harris polls. Glendale here we come. Rubber match with the Buckeyes. No surprises: National Championship: Oklahoma vs. Florida Jan. 8 Fiesta: Texas vs. Ohio State Jan. 5 Sugar: Alabama vs. Utah Jan. 2 Orange: Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech Jan. 1 Rose: Penn State vs. USC Jan. 1

USA Today Coaches Poll: Florida and OU essentially tied for #1


This is horrible news for Texas. The Longhorns are behind Florida by 73 votes. Even with a .04 advantage in the computers, which is about as much as we could hope for, Texas would need to be ahead of Florida in the Harris poll. This isn't going to happen. Last week's Harris had Florida #2, Texas #3, and OU #4. It is not a stretch to predict Florida and OU taking the top spots this week. Fiesta Bowl bound.

BCS Selection Process Explained


BCS bowl selections explained

Mailbag: Brain Style (Nerds Get Mail, Too)


Horn Brain answers questions from readers: Why Texas should be ranked over Florida in the final BCS standings. Can Texas pass OU even if OU beats Missouri?

In Defense of the BCS (Well, Sort Of...)


A defense of the BCS system as a whole and a plea for certain changes in the methodology of the system.

Numbers Game: So You're Saying There's a Chance!


BCS Analysis of Texas' National Championship hopes.

OU by a single point in USA Today Coaches Poll


With the Sooners likely equaling, if not surpassing, the Longhorns in the computers, Texas must be ahead of OU in the Harris poll to have a shot at holding onto #2 in the BCS. Texas made up 41 points in the Coaches poll from last week to this week. This is a significant move.


Why the BCS sucks

I'll put it in here, and I hope that by 6 pm tomorrow night, I am completely off-base, and that the unthinkable has not happened. Before I say anything more, I would like to mention how crappy it...

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