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Bevo's Daily Roundup - June 1. 2009


Tony Brackens tackles the Texas Tech kicker. Brown vs. Mackovic. Orangebloods compares defensive ends playing for Brown and Mackovic. Congratulations to the Sooners. Sooner AD Joe...

Bevo's Daily Roundup - May 28, 2009


Nolan Ryan thought Colt McCoy did just fine. Colt McCoy took a three-step drop, found the pitching rubber and fired the ceremonial first pitch before Monday's game. Admittedly a little...

Bevo's Daily Roundup- Memorial Day Edition


Remembered joys are never past. James Montgomery, The Little Cloud. Not only does the Big 12 have great quarterbacks, but we also have outstanding pitchers. In its 12-year history, the Big...

Bevo's Daily Roundup - May 21, 2009


Sending good thoughts the Longhorn baseball team's way in the Big 12 Tournament and beyond. Hook 'em!   Mark your calendar. The 2009 Oklahoma-Texas football game kick-off will be 11 A.M. S...

Bevo's Daily Roundup - May 18, 2009


In the last game of the fondly remembered, and somewhat maligned Southwest Conference, UT beats A&M with the help of a freshman running back named Ricky Williams. We're No. 1. Well, according...

Bevo's Daily Roundup - May 14, 2009


One of the more enjoyable moments in UT bowl game history. Eamonn Brennan, Yahoo Sports, rates the Big 12 basketball coaches. Rick Barnes gets an elite ranking. THE ELITE Rick Barnes,...

Bevo's Daily Roundup - May 11, 2009


A great way to start your week... a stupid Sooner trick. Dr. Saturday reviews the preseason contenders. UT gets a good review. Crystal ball Says ... Even without a distinguished running...

Bevo's Daily Roundup - May 7, 2009


Priceless. The UT athletic department will make about 1.2 million on the Fiesta Bowl.     The Raiders and Aggies just love each other. What should the Aggies do about Mike Leach? W...

Bevo's Daily Round Up - Monday, May 4


This never gets old. The Austin American-Statesman looks back at the 1918 football season. War and the flu had quite an impact. Imagine if a flu pandemic, a deadly one, ripped through...

Bevo's Daily Roundup - April 30, 2009


Great Youtube video on the UT-OU rivalry. WFAA in Dallas has an interactive site on the top games, players and coaches of the Red River showdown. You have underestimated our resolve. Mack...

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