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Time To Move On: The Title Game Is Upon Us


The Texas Longhorns are headed to the national championship game at the Rose Bowl. It's time to start discussing the game and move on from the distractions.

The Pied Piper Of Texas


Mack Brown's doing his thing. The inimitable LSUFreek is doing his. Animated gif after the jump. Well done, sir.

A Total College Football Reorganization - California Golden Blogs


Ten 12-team conferences, grouped by region. CGB assigns the 'Horns to the "Tex-Mex Conference," where we're joined in the East Division by A&M, TCU, SMU, Rice and Houston. West Division coneference members are New Mexico, New Mexico St, UTEP, Texas Tech, North Texas, and Baylor. Though there would be some interesting benefits to this particular proposal, the Longhorns would in this scenario be an enormous fish in a drastically smaller pond. I can't say I'd prefer it to the status quo. Nonetheless, I love the effort to think through a nationwide reorganization and CGB has undertaken the project coast to coast. Have a look.

BON LIVE Talks Missouri


BON Live returns to preview Saturday night's game with SB Nation's Missouri bloggers at Rock M Nation. Ross Taylor explains the breakdown in the Tigers' line play which led to Missouri's offense...

Don't Bet On It!: National Games of Interest - Dawg Sports


If you're a regular reader of The Mayor's fine weblog covering Georgia sports, you know he's been something of a good luck charm this season. After penning chapters for both The Eyes of Texas 2008 and Yea, Alabama 2008, T Kyle King is 2008's King Midas, which he further confirmed last week by calling Texas' victory over OU. As such, I was breathlessly awaiting his pick this week... He's got Texas hooking Missouri in Austin. All is well.

2007 College Football Blogger Award Presentation: Best Big 12 Blog


The voting is finished and it's time to present this year's College Football Blogger Awards. Where possible, last year's winner, ineligible to win this year, will be presenting the award to this...

Texas-OU: Five Questions


Not sure if AW will have time for a game preview tonight or not, but we did exchange some questions with Matt from Crimson and Cream Machine about tonight's hoops game. Our own answers are already...

Morning Coffee Hates Excuses


Mark Turgeon is a pansy. Last week Mark Turgeon enjoyed a round of blasts after he cried about having to succeed Billy Clyde at Texas A&M. "I know no matter what I do, if I win, Gillisipie is...

Morning Coffee Has Much To Sort Out


One of the most interesting - not to mention important - questions of the 2007 season will be the play of the linebacking corps, a subject Kirk Bohls featured with aplomb yesterday. The Statesman...

Big 12 Week Kicks Off At SMQ


Sunday Morning Quarterback has kicked off Big 12 Week over at his house.Miiiight wanna keep an eye on that.That is all.--PB--

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