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Texas now ranked no. 17 in AP and Coaches Poll


Despite the week off, the Longhorns managed to move up one spot in the Coaches Poll and two spots in the AP poll to no. 17 in each heading into a game in Ames against Iowa State next Saturday. LSU displaced Oklahoma in the AP poll after a strong win against West Virginia in Morgantown, while Texas A&M dropped to no. 13 in the Coaches Poll and no. 14 in the AP poll after blowing a big first-half lead at home against Oklahoma State, now no. 5 in the AP and no. 6 in the Coaches Poll

AP Poll: Texas Still #2, USC Gaining


Texas dropped 20 points to fall to 1404. USC's big win over OSU has them just 8 points behind Texas. Expect similar things from the Coaches Poll. Oklahoma State falls to 16; Houston moves in at 21. UPDATE: As noted in the comments, the Coaches Poll is out and Texas is at #2. They lost just 8 points from last week, while USC gained 16. USC picked up 3 first place votes; Texas had none.

OU by a single point in USA Today Coaches Poll


With the Sooners likely equaling, if not surpassing, the Longhorns in the computers, Texas must be ahead of OU in the Harris poll to have a shot at holding onto #2 in the BCS. Texas made up 41 points in the Coaches poll from last week to this week. This is a significant move.


Harris and Coaches Pollsters must pay attention...

If the Harris and Coaches Polls do not put Texas above OU in their polls after this weekend, they will cause more controversy.  If they ignore what is going on and don't get this right (UT above...

Polls & BCS Standings Open Thread


BCS and Poll discussion for the Big XII South championship

Coaches Poll Out: Longhorns Start Season at #10


Texas will start the 2008 season ranked in the Top 10 in the USA Today Coaches Poll. Also of note: Georgia rides the media love fest to No. 1; OU checks in at #4; MiZZOU at #7; KU and Tech kick off the season at #13 and #14 respectively. So, five of the top 14 teams in the country are from the Big 12, and none of them are Nebraska, CU,or A&M. The Big 12 has become incredibly deep, incredibly fast.


Texas #18 in Coaches Poll

USA Today Poll Texas probably still has a chance to finish in the top 10 if the current trend of upsets continue. I also believe that Oklahoma will lose a game they shouldn't and will not play for...

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