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Day one practice pics are up


Donald Hawkins and Brandon Moore are grown ass men. Maybe Bill Snyder was on to something over the last three decades with this JUCO thing. Duke Thomas looks like a baller. Based off one picture, I project future all-conference honors.

Evaluating The 2012 Texas Longhorn Recruiting Class: Quarterback, Running Back, Kicker


Johnathan Gray, Connor Brewer, and Nick Jordan are our one man position groups. Each successful solo, but collaborating here. Sort of like the We Are The World video, but for a more important...

2012 Sundry: Under Armour, Holgo vs Diaz, Jerry Jones, Kirk Bohls Drinking Game, and More!


Hail to the (yaawwwwnnn) Victors! yeah. Since you probably didn't watch it, Michigan beat Virginia Tech 23-20 in Tuesday's Sugar Bowl despite only gaining 183 yards and possessing the ball for 23...

Spring Evaluations


Football: Diaz and 2 perceived leaders of the team (Gideon and Okafor) met with the media the other day, you may have read about it and noticed Oak's comment that seemed to imply that we were no...

Texas Recruiting 2012: Welcome to Texas Gang Or Die, the Narrative


A look at the narrative of the 2012 Texas Longhorns recruiting class. Texas Gang or Die.

Connor Brewer: 2012 Texas Recruiting Spotlight


Texas QB Connor Brewer is already on campus and working out with the Longhorn football team. What expectations will he face as a freshman?

Texas Football 2012: Early Enrollees Face Differing Expectations


A look at the six players who enrolled early for the Texas Longhorns. Which of the six are facing the highest expectations going into the spring?

Jalen Overstreet to Texas, 2nd 2012 QB In the Fold


After offering two prospects over the weekend, the Longhorns landed a 19th commitment on Sunday evening. So just who is the newest Texas commit?

Texas High School Football, Under the Lights: Week 5 Preview


Power, Passion & Glory (via fishing464)   I thought Celina needed more attention. The Boys of Fall documentary, song, t-shirt, and collectible coffee mug just didn't do the Bobcats justice.  Let...

Texas Football Recruiting: Thirsty Thursdays, The Notebook


Del Barnes Highlights (early senior) (via 247SportsStudio)   Meet 2012 Henderson QB LaBradford "Del" Barnes. More after the jump.    Why introduce the Burnt Orange Nation citizenry to another 2...

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