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Attrition Watch – Thursday Update


Taylor Bible and Darius White have left the building ... shocker. We'll sign 28-29 in this class meaning there's more attrition to come. Thurs afternoon update: Add Mark Buchanan, Dravantti...

Practice Report From The Asset


With the Humidor shut down for renovations until next week, I did have a chance to catch up to everybody’s favorite part of the balance sheet—The Asset. Although he was brief and asked me not to...

Practice Report Number Five From the Asset


First let’s get the bad news out of the way. Evidently the Staff wasn’t pleased with BarkingCarnival/Recruitocosm posting information on specific plays along with specific information on...

Texas Football 2011 Preseason Position by Position: Wide Receiver


With Mike Davis serving as a reliable centerpiece, this group's ultimate production rests on what we get from a puzzling senior, a precocious freshman, and a talented unproven sophomore; supported...

Troubleshooting 2011: Offense


None of us want to relive the experience of watching the 2010 Texas Offense handle the football like a Monkey trying to peel a banana while tripping on acid. Greg Davis and Mack's attempts to build...

Want to Win in Lubbock? Recipe Inside.


We have two games in the books for the 2010 season and have brought you coverage from all angles: A Utility Belt of Winnebagos & Bears, a Derridian deconstruction, a cinematic allegory, a...

Texas Football Mid-Camp Report: RB, WR, QB


Rice is two weeks away and I thought I'd share some thoughts on where we are based on my observations, what I'm reading from Mack and Greg and Will, and what I'm hearing from people with access to...

The 2010 Class Is Officially Here


Arguably the best class top to bottom in the Mack Brown era (yeah, Vince Young's presence in any class negates effective comparison) is here and they're wearing orange polos and smiling with their...

Overheard on the Longhorn Interwebs


Not to steal any of HenryJames thunder, but there are some exciting things going on in recruiting for the good guys as we get closer and closer to national signing day.   Keep in mind this is an...

Recruiting Roundup: December 2009


We've narrowed our targets substantially on what should prove to be a strong finish in our recruiting year and I wanted to keyboard a few ill-informed thoughts and opinions on where we stand, what...

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