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The Million Dollar Question


In writing the preview for this year's offense, there was one inescapable question that could have an enormous impact on literally everything else: what to do with John Chiles? To start, let's...

Scratching The Itch: Texas Longhorns Offseason Roster Review


As the 2007 college football season officially closes, I find myself having a hard time officially letting go. Plus, as every Longhorn football fan knows, there's never really an offseason. And...

Texas Longhorns Depth Chart Analyasis: Defense Vs Arkansas State


We continue with a breakdown of the defensive depth chart.DE (Quick)1. Brian Orakpo   2. Eddie JonesThe "quick" side is, if you're looking at the DL from the secondary, the right hand side of the...

Texas Longhorns Depth Chart Analysis: Offense vs Arkansas State


First day of classes is over, I've had time to cook dinner and relax, and we can get into the depth chart breakdowns with a little more fervor.PREFACEWe've got to get a few caveats out of the way...

Open Depth Chart Thread


Mack Brown will release the depth chart this morning. My previews are below, but they're assuredly imperfect.Keep your eyes on MB-TF for the release of the depth chart and post your reactions here....

Morning Coffee Smells Like Game Week


The Statesman's Suzanne Haliburton had an excellent weekend column asking "Who's the face of the '07 Longhorns?" Along with noting the generally quiet, cerebral nature of many of Texas' senior...

Final Depth Chart Projection: Defense


We'll continue with a look at June's defensive depth chart projection and an analysis of what to expect when the Arkansas State depth chart is released tomorrow morning BON June Projected Depth...

Final Depth Chart Projection: Offense


Way back at the beginning of June, we took a stab at projecting the offensive depth chart. Now, finally, the Texas staff has announced that they will release on Monday morning the official depth...


8/7/07 Practice

Current 1st Team Defensive Depth Chart DE Orakpo DT Okam DT Lokey DE Lewis SLB Killebrew MLB Bobino WLB Derry CB Foster S Griffin S Jackson CB Palmer"Offense wins games but Defense wins...

Depth Chart Projection: Defense & Special Teams, June


Like with the offensive depth chart, we'll take a stab at it now, once more in July, and several times throughout August as practices resume.My best guess:Discuss.--PB--

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