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The prize of Texas' baseball recruiting class for this season, Everett Williams, is instead going to be the pride of the Padres' minor league system. Good luck to Williams in the pro game. Along with the loss of fellow recruit Colton Cain and of course first baseman Brandon Belt, it has been a tough--but totally expected--offseason for Augie's bunch. There's still an awful lot to be excited about in 2010, though.

Williams Signs With Padres


There will be no Everett Williams roaming center field for the Longhorns in 2010. The McCallum product inked his deal with the Padres within hours of the signing deadline, but he seemed ticketed for the professional game even before the draft. As a player with some holes in his swing and no outstanding tools (though solid across the board), Williams probably stood to risk a substantial amount of money by coming to college -- his loss is disappointing, but not surprising. And hey, at least the Pirates didn't draft him.

Belt Signs, Perio Signs, Urban, Williams Could As Well


Keeping Brandon Belt from returning to the Longhorns for his senior season didn't cost the San Francisco Giants nearly as much as Colton Cain cost the Pirates. Instead, Belt signed for $200k in an unsurprising move -- best of luck to him with the Giants. In more surprising news, late signee Noah Perio, a strong candidate to take over the second-base job, signed with the Marlins for around $225k. That leaves Everett Williams and Josh Urban as the two players who may still sign. Rumors have Williams signing with the Padres for a little less than a million, while the Pirates are trying to make a late push on 19th-rounder Urban and may screw over Texas fans again with their aggressive pursuit of organizational depth. And yes, there is in fact no good news here. Don't shoot the messenger.

Wait 'Til Next Year


In an effort to assuage the hurt from losing to LSU on Wednesday night, Burnt Orange Nation takes a look at the bright prospects of the 2010 Texas baseball team.


MLB Draft Update (Through 30 Rounds)

[Update]: With 30 rounds completed, no more current Horns were drafted other than Belt and Wood, who went earlier in the day (see below). However, two prospective Longhorns were drafted, with...

Only Williams Drafted On First Day


The first three rounds (plus compensation picks) are now complete and only one Longhorn or Longhorn commit was drafted: McCallum's Everett Williams at no. 52 by the Padres. As mentioned earlier today, Williams was projected by several sites as a first-round pick, but lasted until the third pick of the second round -- he might not get as much money as he expected, which may help the Longhorns, but it's hard to believe that he will ever step onto UFCUDFF. The good news, however, is neither Colton Cain, Jonathan Walsh, nor potential junior-college transfer Jacob Cowan were drafted. All will probably go on the second day.

Morning Coffee Is On MLB Draft Watch


Morning Coffee previews Longhorn baseball commits who might be selected in the first rounds of the MLB Draft June 9-11, as well as two of the best defensive tackles in the 2011 class.

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