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Ruminations on Graduation and Memorial Day...


...a little over two years ago, on a beautiful and sunny Friday afternoon, I both graduated from the University of Texas and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. ...

The Week in Quotes


"The Week in Quotes" returns for a second go-round, and there was no shortage of stuff to talk about this week in college football. Let's start it off with a couple of thoughts from the Longhorns'...

Football Saturday Gameday Guide for New UT Students...


As BON continues picking up student readers, I feel it is my duty to advise incoming new students about their first game at DKR.  And if you are a freshmen or transfer student reading BON, then I...

Art Briles Will Fit in Nicely...


Checked out ESPN's Big XII Notebook today.  Just a few interesting tidbits before bedtime.  Also, to make them even more drowse-inducing, I'll relate them all to physics concepts...1.)  The Law of...

Two Cents: OU projections


I think beating OU is completely within the realm of possibility, if the team in fact pulls together instead of breaking apart, yet I am a creature of eternal optimism.Under what conditions would...

Two Cents: Our Offensive Offense


We're all a little angry with Greg Davis, so here's the question.  Take one play out of his playbook and add one play in.I'll bet the Bubble Screen makes it into about %80 of the comments.--AR--

40AS Non-Conference Game of the Week: Georgia at Alabama


Well folks, we're 0-for-3 in selecting games that actually turn out to be exciting. USC ruined any chances of that last week by being a whole lot better than Nebraska. But this week, we think we...

Two Cents: Be the press


I meant to post this yesterday, but we don't always get what we want and I'm over it.Some of the questions in yesterday's Mack Brown press conference included "How much of UCF's rushing success was...

Etiquette at the Kill...


Texas' newest freshman recruiting class participated in the dining etiquette portion of the embarrassingly-titled life-skills program that Mack Brown has had in place since he arrived in 1998...

Two Cents returns: Colt McCoy


For new readers, the Two Cents segment is a dailyish thing where I ask a question and you readers discuss it, and call me an idiot.  --AR--In PB's offensive review of the TCU game he writes: Even...

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