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Recruiting Spotlight: Alex Okafor


Burnt Orange Nation's Recruiting Spotlight analyzes five-star defensive end Alex Okafor.

At Long Last, the Gray Lady Speaketh


The New York Times finally publicly admits falsehoods were published in the article written by Thayer Evans about the recruitment of Jamarkus McFarland. Did the apology go far enough?

US Army All-American Bowl Analysis


Analysis of the 2009 US Army All-American game, focusing specifically on the seven Texas recruits at the game, but also featuring commentary on several other high school standouts.

McFarland's Uncle: J-Mac Wanted Texas ($)


The highlights, for those of you without subscriptions: 1. J-Mac's uncle says he expressed a desire to go to Texas and would have done so had it not been for his mother. 2. Kashemeyia Adams told the uncle the same story about not being able to reach Mack Brown. 3. John Outlaw says he has never encouraged a player to attend a specific school and that the Longhorn coaches were always completely professional. 4. Both the uncle and Jamarkus considered it a classy move by Texas to take a step back after realizing the recruitment was tearing apart the family. 5. Three sources corroborate the story that McFarland exaggerated the Texas party he attended. Amazing the things that come to light when reporters do actual reporting. Thayer Evans should be absolutely ashamed of himself, but of course won't be as an OU partisan. By the way, the movement of this whole story towards actual truth has indicated the complete and total inability of many people to think critically about articles of this nature. Yes, I mean you OU fans, and you, Dr. Saturday, and you, Chicago Sun-Times blog. What happened to critical thinking?

A Final Word On Thayer Evans


Did the New York Times drop the ball by allowing unchecked Thayer Evans to write a one-sided, one-sourced article on football recruiting?

McFarland speaks about NYT article


During an interview for the US Army All-American Bowl, Jamarkus McFarland spoke publicly for the first time about Thayer Evans' article. As he told commenter 6 Street's friend, McFarland said that some of the passages from his English paper were "spiced up," somewhat supporting the view of various commenters who claimed to have been at the party. McFarland did, however, decline to specify, also adding that he didn't know Evans had the story and saying that no Texas coaches or players were at the party. Other than that, the news is that Kashemeyia Adams declined to elaborate on or retract any of her statements from the piece.

Dr. Saturday on McFarland


Not a whole lot new here, really, besides the assertion that the piece is "generally outstanding." Hmm. Doesn't take much scrolling down to determine what I think about the quality of the article.

On Losing McFarland


Burnt Orange Nation takes a hard look at Thayer Evans' New York Times article and its negative portrayal of Texas recruiting in football. As an irresponsible piece of journalism, it deserves to be...

Update on McFarland Recruitment


When news filtered out of the McFarland camp that his family, once thought to be strong Texas leans, were now firmly pushing OU onto Jamarkus, many observers were left wondering what happened. Trips Right has your answers.

Morning Coffee Hits the Recruiting Trail


With weeks until the match up in the Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State, the Eyes of Texas turn to the recruiting front. The 2009 class is largely complete, meaning the 2010 recruiting season has...

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