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Jermichael FInley wants it all


""I want it all," Finley said as the Packers prepared to begin voluntary off-season workouts Monday. "I want to be the best tight end in the league, and I want to be a better father, husband and teammate. "I want people to know they can look at Jermichael Finley and say, 'That's a Packer.' That's what I'm shooting for." There's some interesting stuff in the story about FInley's first two years in the league. As a fan of the Packers and Longhorns, it's nice to see that he's saying the right things. The proof, of course, will be in the pudding, but Finley's on-field pudding was pretty impressive last year.


You had to leave so soon?

By no means do I want to poop on the accomplishments of our team this season, which was awesome, but I can't help but think: What if Jamaal Charles and Jermichael Finley stayed? If Finley was...


Jermichael Finley in AAS

You can read the article here:Finley's Life has been a Whirlwind


Jermichael Finley

Jermichael Finley talking about why he left Texas:  (From DMN) Finley just finished up describing why he left Texas. It all started with the Oklahoma game, a big one for him. His four catches and...

The Five Biggest Disappointments of 2007: #4 Jermichael Finley


This series got a little sidetracked with OMG Major hysteria, but we'll pick up where we left off with the five biggest surprises and disappointments of 2007.When I was doing a bunch of radio spots...

Let's Email


Every now and again, enough reader emails come in on topics worth exploring publicly that I'll put a post together for the site. This is one such time. As always, you can email me any time with...


Jermichael Finley leaving

i just read something in the dallas mourning news saying that jermichael could be leaving.


Charles and Finley file papers to Advisory Board

http://www.mockingthedraft.com/story...I commented harshly in the write up there, but what are the feelings of The Nation on these two players entering the draft early and more importantly, the...

Midseason Review: Wide Receivers and Tight Ends


The midseason review continues with a look at Texas' wide receivers.Statistics Minimum 5 receptionsOverview Prior to the season, the working theory on this offense was that it could be a...

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