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The Q-Package: Perspective and Resolution


The Q package seemed to come out of the frustration of last year, the lack of threat in so many games until JC got his wheels rolling. We needed more weapons, so it seemed, but what the Horns...

Whither the Offense?


  When FAU coach Howard Schnellenberger described the Longhorns as being soft, my first instinct was to desire a game plan emphasizing lining up and blowing the Owls off the line of scrimmage. ...

The Million Dollar Question


In writing the preview for this year's offense, there was one inescapable question that could have an enormous impact on literally everything else: what to do with John Chiles? To start, let's...

John Chiles A "Suspect" In MLK Blvd Incident


From the Daily Texan sports blog: Longhorns backup quarterback John Chiles is a suspect in an assault-by-conduct under investigation by the Austin Police Department, according to the department’s...

Midseason Review: Wide Receivers and Tight Ends


The midseason review continues with a look at Texas' wide receivers.Statistics Minimum 5 receptionsOverview Prior to the season, the working theory on this offense was that it could be a...

Midseason Review: Quarterbacks


We're halfway through the regular season, with a 4-2 record. Our Big 12 title hopes are only mathematically alive. Now's a good time to evaluate who's done what so far, along with what adjustments...

What Now? Fixing The Longhorn Offense, Part 2


Why does stuff always turn out to be cyclical? In Part 1, we laid out the basic storyline of how we got to this point. That basic gameplan we saw Kansas State employ on Saturday will be...

The State of John Chiles


There is a little of this talk going on in the diaries, and I think it’s worth further discussion on the main page. Sherrod Harris is now listed as probable for this weekend’s game with Rice, and...

Morning Coffee


If you haven’t read through the comment thread of Part 2 of the "Fixing the Longhorn Offense" post, I'd urge you to do so. It's enlightening.There are two competing views on this situation, each of...

Morning Coffee Is Slick In The Open Field


The situation was pretty murky just two weeks ago, but the injury to Sherrod Harris has John Chiles pressing full steam ahead as Texas' backup quarterback. The chatter from coaches is optimistic,...

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