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Big Weekend For Hicks ($)


It's coming down to the wire for 2010 linebacker Jordan Hicks, who hopes to make his commitment in the coming weeks. The next several days may have a big impact on that eventual decision, as Hicks will receive in-home visits Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from his three finalists -- Ohio State, Florida, and Texas. Even though Mack Brown has already taken his in-home visit with Hicks, Texas will have the final word in Hicks' recruitment, as Will Muschamp will visit with Hicks on Saturday, while Jim Tressel will visit for Ohio State and Steve Addazio, Scott Loeffler, and the new Florida linebackers coach will visit as representatives of the Gators. The interesting thing here, of course, is that Urban Meyer will not be making the trip, perhaps realizing that it's up to Addazio to sell the program to Hicks. Hicks gives the expected vague answers about where his three finalists currently stand, but the combination of losing Charlie Strong and the uncertainty surrounding Urban Meyer probably puts Texas in the lead as rumors swirl about his desire to spent his college years in warmer weather than Ohio. If that is truly the case, there's a strong chance that Hicks becomes a Longhorn in the next two weeks.

Brown To Make In-Home Visit With Hicks Wednesday


Florida will get the last word with Jordan Hicks as he takes his last official visit this weekend, but Mack Brown will help keep the Longhorns near the forefront of his mind with an expected in-home visit with Hicks Wednesday. Perhaps even bigger news is that Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong, who also coaches the linebackers, will accept the Lousiville coaching job. Scipio Tex sees it as a big break and though it probably won't eliminate the Gators, there's little doubt that it strikes a blow to their efforts, as Hicks will have little time to establish a relationship with the new defensive coordinator. Hicks does have an excellent relationship with Will Muschamp and Texas' position is strengthened by the relationship between his mother and Jeff Madden, with whom she worked at Colorado. If the departure of Charlie Strong does in fact weaken Florida's position enough to take them out of the running, the fact that Hicks' mother plans on moving if he attends school out-of-state probably helps the Longhorns as well. After all, Austin weather has to look pretty appealing in the midst of an Ohio winter.

Hicks Narrows List ($)


Jordan Hicks has not been able to schedule trips to USC and Alabama in the last several weeks and it appears now that he will not take either trip, with his visit to Florida on December 12th likely to be his final official visit. Ohio State, Florida, and Texas now look like the teams vying for his services.

Hicks will visit USC ($)


During his weekly conference call the last several weeks, Jordan Hicks has been unable to confirm whether he will take official visits to USC or Alabama before his final trip to Florida in December. Rivals is now reporting that Hicks will make it out to Southern California this weekend, but there is still no news on whether or not Alabama will get a visit.

Texas makes big impression on Jordan Hicks


From Inside Texas, its free information and not gathered from the pay portion of the site. It seems that he loves his time down here. Great News. I'm sure GoBR was going to have a more in depth discussion about this rather soon. Bumped. Go have yourself a free read about Hicks' visit. --GoBR--

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