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A ticket to the County Fair


What are you doing at 6 am?

2011 Texas Longhorn Defense in Review


Since I've primarily focused on Diaz and the defense this year I thought I would review the year, what we accomplished, and how. I've broken down the review into pieces: the stats of our play, our...

Manny Diaz versus the Spread Offense


The offenses Diaz faced in the SEC were generally running-oriented and one of our biggest questions for him heading into the season is how he would handle the way Big 12 coordinators fling the ball...

2011 Texas-BYU Post Mortem: Defense/Special Teams


Coming into the game, I didn't see how BYU was going to get downfield in the passing game so our success hinged on minimizing assignment busts, tackling, and annihilating their running game. We...

Bringing the storm clouds: Defense against the run


I'd like to zoom in on our defense's execution of Diaz's mantra of "Stop the run, hit the quarterback" in game 1. At first glance, it would appear that we failed miserably but given that we allowed...

Dream Wagon: Drivers and Horses


Priority one for Mack this fall is obviously determining the Quarterback to hold the reins for the dream wagon. I have an opinion or two on that front but it's important to note that the horses...

Friday Scrimmage Report From the Asset


The scrimmage tonight was supposed to be the definitive battle for the starting quarterback position. The Asset tells us it wasn’t. Not to say the QB play was poor, it was actually pretty good,...

Thursday’s Practice Tidbits from The Asset


Highwayman here filling in for JS while he and Tips are making their way to Sin City for the Cosm's little field trip this weekend. Luckily, Haysuess was able to phone in some practice tidbits via...

Shoring up the defense


Greetings tote baggers, I'm back from Maui and settled in to Dallas where the Nickel Rover office has relocated and added some permanent staffing. Today I'd like to talk about the defense beyond...

Texas Football 2011 Preseason Position By Position: Linebacker


Finally: depth, talent, certainty. And potentially the best LB unit we've had in twenty five years. Of course, that's a relative statement, roughly tantamount to saying toughest guy at Baylor.... ...

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