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Longhorn Projections for the NFL Draft


Mock drafts are a dime a dozen. Hell, more like a dime a million. Everyone with a few minutes of time and a "Publish" button can put together a mock draft that will be about as accurate as you'll...

Filling in the gaps


SuperBowl: Green Bay won, or so I heard on the Radio whilst identifying a Wandering Atrial Pacemaker rhythm and cursing my weekend schedule. I thought the Packers were a fairly close approximation...

Coming Out Of The Shell


They say that the team that runs for more yards has won every game since 1997 in this series, but of course Scipio partially rebuts the importance of that stat in the podcast with NorthDallasSooner...

Strategic Incompetence


How many offenses have the Wide Receiver stand still and wait for the ball at the LOS on a corner blitz? Two, Texas and UCLA. UCLA did the same thing on an Aaron Williams blitz and saw the same...

Vision, tools and execution: what I learned about the offense from DVR


It is becoming increasingly evident that Greg Davis sat down this summer and had the following thought process, Our running game is poor from the shotgun spread and it prevents us from executing...

The Texas Longhorns' Five Most Valuable Players in 2010


They're not who you think they are. It's not necessarily about who is the best, it's about who we can least afford to lose. That's St Raphael, an Archangel. An Archangel is basically an angel...

Texas Football Mid-Camp Report: OL, TE/H-Back


Let's move on to OL, which has the depth of a Louis L'amour novel, and to TE/H-Back, a position we've decided to feature on offense because it's our weakest. I kid. I kid. No, I don't. Thoughts...

Texas Football Practice Report Day One: What Scipio Missed While Scoping Out Sweaty Babes


Nice rundown on Wednesday's open practice here already by Scipio. And now that I've pointed out to him who all the players are and what positions they play, tomorrow's recap should only get...

Recruiting Spotlight: Garrett Porter


Burnt Orange Nation's Recruiting Spotlight checks in on Permian's versatile Garrett Porter, ranked by Rivals as the best pass protecting lineman in the country.

The Five Biggest Surprises of 2007: #3 Chris Hall and Kyle Hix


You could make the argument that Chris Hall was a Team MVP - you really could. He's not the most talented player on the team - or even the offensive line - but in a turbulent year for Texas' big...

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