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Vote for Mack in Coach of the Year!


Ok, so voting for GG didn't quite pick up steam. ;) Let's hope we can all support Mack in voting for Coach of the Year. I will definitely vote as often as I can, and y'all should do the same. Hook 'Em!

Applewhite or Simms: Who Should Have Started For Texas?


I know this is kind of an old issue, but I used my QB rating stat to try and look at the situation in a new way.

Mack Chimes In On Bush's Heisman


Mack was on the Dan Patrick Show this morning and commented on whether VY should receive Bush's Heisman Trophy and other musings. What are your thoughts...If Bush's Heisman is returned, should they give it to VY, should he accept it or just tell them to go to hell. We are Texas.

Muschamp Rumors Won't Go Away


With news that Texas Athletic Director Deloss Dodds will likely receive a contract extension in the midst of the turbulence surrounding possible conference realignment, speculation has started anew about the future of Will Muschamp at Texas. The obvious ramification is that the extension will delay Mack Brown's possible move from head coach to athletic director, a move that Texas continues to deny. The next step for football writers looking to find something to talk abut in the off-season is to start speculating about Muschamp becoming impatient and taking another job, speculation fueled in some measure by Brown not only refusing to give a timetable, but seemingly feeling more comfortable in his job than at any other point in his tenure at Texas. So in wades the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Tony Barnhart, one of the most respected college football writers around, teasing that Muschamp "could be available for the 2011 season" and basically laying out the current situation as described above. The point of all this is just that Texas fans needs to be prepared for this type of speculation several times a year until Mack Brown steps down as coach -- it's a fabric of the landscape now. And, hey, that's better than the alternative, which is watching Coach Boom from afar as he leads another team. Oh yeah, and it's also a slow news day in the world of Texas sports (I'mjustasbadastheyareforusingthesameexcuse).

Bruce Feldman Interviews Mack Brown

The article is In$ider, but I'll share a snippet I found particularly interesting (emphasis below is the money quote--suck it, Horn Brain). Mack is talking about when he'll retire. "Bill [Snyder] obviously missed it tremendously. You take a guy like a Barry Alvarez. He has made a smooth transition to being an athletic director. Rich Brooks is 69. Mike Bellotti is more my age. I'm 58. Coaches are great resources. I talk to Lloyd Carr all the time. He says to make sure that you coach as long as you want to, and that you don't quit early because it's never the same after you quit. I feel like I've gotten great advice. We've lost two games in two years. We had a tremendous recruiting class this year and it looks like we're going to have one next year. Things are so positive in this program right now. Will and I, unlike some coach-in-waiting situations, get along great. Will is young. He doesn't have to be a coach next year or the next year after that at Texas. He loves being the defensive coordinator and we're paying him like a head coach. We feel like we're in great shape. People have asked me if I've sat down and talked to Will or (AD) DeLoss (Dodds) or (UT president) Bill Powers or (wife) Sally about the day that I'm gonna quit. I really have not. I know people think that can't be possible. I haven't because I really feel if I start talking about it, it's not fair to the kids or me. I don't want to plan retirement and not do a good job coaching. I think what I will do is continue to coach until the day I feel like it's time for a change for everybody, and then I'll walk in and tell DeLoss and Bill Powers, it's time. But there is no timetable."

Mack Brown Announces 2010 to be Final Year as Head Coach


Earlier this year I posited that Mack may have planned on 2009 being his last run at a title, with 2010 being his "victory lap" to set up Muschamp for his ascension to the throne. Well, it looks like that was the plan, it just didn't turn out the way we'd hoped. Surely this will be the focal point of discussion for at least a month, but for now, an astrophysics test and an airpline ride await.

Top 10 Coaches


Interesting look at the 10 best coaches in any sport right now.

Mack is changing the game


Kirk Bohls of the American-Statesman on recruiting and how Coach Brown is "breaking new ground in a field that he has long tilled. He wasn't dubbed Coach February for nothing."

Revelry: Mack Brown speaks for the second time in close two months


Yes, that's right. Mack Brown had a full-blown press conference on Thurday. Ah, what a beautiful thing. Drink deeply this second season of spring football and what it will reveal about a football team that is going to be a national championship contender. Going to be. Has to be. Analysis on the presser some time tomorrow, hopefully.

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