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Applewhite or Simms: Who Should Have Started For Texas?


I know this is kind of an old issue, but I used my QB rating stat to try and look at the situation in a new way.

Major Applewhite Named 247Sports Big 12 Recruiter of the Year


247Sports announced on Wednesday that Major Applewhite has been named the Big 12 Recruiter of the Year by the service, in large part for his efforts keeping the class together during the coaching changes. Nice to see him get some recognition for his hard work.

Major throws down challenge to fans | Bevo Beat


This is embarrassing, but definitely necessary. Major is calling out Texas fans for not lining up at the North Gate to cheer the 'Horns as they enter the stadium, as well as our noise level on defense. Some of you may have thought that the seatback sections weren't such a liability when FAU is complaining about crowd noise, but this isn't intramurals anymore, brother, it's the Big 12! Where is the crowd support for the number one team in the country? I would expect the kind of atmospheres we've had up to this point from an ACC or PAC-10 culture, where college football is a warm-up for the cold, mechanical travesties that occur on Sundays inside air-conditioned pieces of post-modern furniture. Texas football is a religion. So says Colt and Applewhite before him. DKR is not the church to sit in quietly and stare at your watch, nor is it the kind of church which requires you to chant dry, meaningless phrases at the command of your priests/milkmen. Our church is the Texas Church of the Joyous Noise. We sing hymns, we celebrate the triumphs of our brothers, and most importantly, we scream our freakin' heads off to get Satan out of our sanctuary on third down. The players are supposed to arrive at the North Gate at 5 p.m. I expect thousands. Texas starts playing defense the second that Mr. Gold or Mr. Tucker puts foot to ball. I expect a howl that will loose Chase Daniel's bowels and snap both of Jeremy Maclin's ACLs out of sheer terror. One Longhorn once said, in reference to the 1990 Houston game, "Give us a night game and a bottle of whiskey and Texas can kick anyone's ass!" Well, we've got our night game, Texas. I'll see you outside the North Gate at five o' clock with a bottle of whiskey and a very bad attitude. Hit it!

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