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And You Thought Expansion Was Over...


From Deadspin: New rumor for the day: Memphis & UCF to be invited to the Big East, bringing their football conference numbers to 10, and their basketball conference total to a gaudy 18.

More Memphis Trouble


You've got to be kidding me... What was most alarming was that prep school Dorsey came from which is now apparently rejected as a legit school by the NCAA.


So, do we get a Final Four appearance?

I'm kidding; I obviously don't think we should, but it is kind of painful that Memphis may have to vacate victories of the '07 season, a season where they beat us in the Elite Eight.  Bummer.  I'm...


Calipari to Kentucky

http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/news/story?id=4031573 Not sure what to do think of this.  I guess the money was too much to pass by, but while Kentucky's tradition is no doubt richer, I don't see...

Let's Email: Hoops Post-Mortem


When enough reader emails come in on topics worth exploring publicly, I'll put a post together for the site. This is one such time. As always, you can email me any time with questions or comments....

Sunday Thoughts from Reliant


I just got back from Houston and wanted to add a few thoughts of my own. PB has already done an excellent job of breaking down the game and reasons why we lost. I’ll try not to overlap on what he’s...

Memphis-Texas Post Game Thoughts


More "Great season, guys" type stuff later, but for now, a review of what happened out there on the court today. My notes are pretty scattered, so I'll stick to bullet points and jump around. We'll...

Oftentimes, The Better Team Wins


As was the case today.For my money, this was far and away the best team Texas played all year. I've got a host of thoughts on what happened today - some things we could have done much better to...

Open Game Day Thread: (1) Memphis vs (2) Texas


#1 Memphis Tigers (36-1, 16-0) vs. #2 Texas Longhorns (31-6, 13-3) Sunday, March 30, 2008 • 1:20 p.m. CT Reliant Stadium (44,000) • Houston, TX Television: CBS - Billy Packer and Jim Nantz R...

South Regional Final Preview: (1) Memphis vs. (2) Texas


Rick Barnes has said on multiple occasions this season that Kansas is the best team the Longhorns have faced. Well, that is going to change on Sunday afternoon when Texas (31-6, 13-3) takes on...

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