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Texas Tech Red Raiders requesting ouster of Mike Leach lawsuit - ESPN


Can one or more of you lawyer types please explain why Texas Tech is immune to contract dispute suits? This doesn't make any damn sense. Doesn't this set a precedent that any coach of a state school (at least in Texas) can be fired "for cause" without any cause? And how does this law get passed? "Oh and the state is immune to being held responsible for anything we say we'll do." PLUS the defendants are all "I can't believe he put that kid in that shed! Can you believe it? In a shed! With a concussion!" Even after Leach's case clearly states that Adam James has gone on record saying that Leach didn't do anything wrong.

Required Reading: Mike Leach's Fourth Amended Petition


Mike Leach's Fourth Amended Petition in his lawsuit against Texas Tech provides damning evidence against ESPN analyst Craig James and Texas Tech University.

Mike Leach Musings


Thoughts on the firing of Mike Leach and the possibility that the Mack Brown Curse may be reaching the coaching ranks.

Leach Interview


I didn't see it around here, so here you go. I'm sure that was an awkward interview for Davis since his colleague is Craig James.

Leach on Kindle's Hit: "Really obvious helmet-to-helmet"


I prefer Muschamp's Take: "I liken it to holding. If they call it, it's holding. If they don't call it, it's not. They didn't call it." So there was nothing wrong with Kindle's hit? "Nothing. Great hit," Muschamp said.

Give the SEALs sabers


Leach on the Somali pirate situation: "Me personally, I'd rather give the Navy Seals a weekend and just let them have their fun. Plus, it could be a valuable training exercise for them." Gold.

Leach Meets with U-Dub


Probably more of a bargaining chip than anything, although it'd be kinda nice to see the Renaissance Man as a thorn in Pete Carroll's program. Yeah, not gonna happen.

Leach: Tech Should be the Highest Ranked 1 Loss Team- Lubbock Avalanche Journal


I am a big fan of Mike Leach, but he is dead wrong here. Leach believes that Texas Tech, victims of a 44 point drubbing on national TV last week should be the highest ranked 1 loss team (After Oklahoma who he ranked above Alabama in the coach's poll). "When asked if he thought Tech should remain above Texas, Florida, Southern Cal and Penn State, he said, "Throw them all in there. We should be the top-rated one-loss team.''"


For the losers: 2005 Tech vs. 2008 Tech

So, I was very bored, so I gathered a bunch of stats that are undoubtedly useless regarding Texas Tech of 2005 and 2008.  The last time we had such a prime matchup between these two teams was when...

Morning Coffee Talks Texas Tech Strategery


A thorough series of notes on the upcoming showdown between the #1 Texas Longhorns and #5 Texas Tech Red Raiders.

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