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NCAA Adds Academics, Death Penalty for Everyone.


The NCAA announced that it will include academics in its scope in an effort to protect non-athlete students' amateurism. Its first step will be imposing the death penalty on almost every university.

And So It Begins, the End of College Football...


Remember where you saw this first in 20 years when college football is extinct. Now mind you I'm no lawyer, but I am fairly certain that if this goes to trial and the judge awards settlement for the player over the school there will be some serious risk management discussions concerning the cost-benefit of having a football team. Smaller schools will go first but eventually, if this sets a precedent, every "walk on" in America will eventually take down even the grandest of houses, Belmont Hall. I hope it doesn't happen but I'm just sayin' this could be the beginning of the end. What do you think?

The Hypocrisy of the NCAA Continues


Is this for real? How are these schools avoiding major punishment these days? Has the NCAA finally shown that it has no teeth? Time for a change in college athletics.

So when will the NCAA actually do anything?


This is getting beyond ridiculous with the amount of these types of stories surfacing. The NCAA needs to do something to tOSU, UNC, now Miami... If they do nothing, these stories will mean nothing because the NCAA means nothing.

Boise State Is Not Ohio State... Wait, What?


The NCAA is treating Boise State and Ohio State differently. But why?


Texas Basketball, on the slide?

Other then the 01-02 & 04-05 campaign where Texas finished 10-6, 20-10 & 9-7, 20-10 overall, Texas is going through the worst two years of conference play in over a decade. Texas has averaged no...

NCAA Approves "Sand Volleyball"


I love my country. Sand Volleyball is now a D-1 Varsity Sport beginning in 2010 and 2011. The season will be played in the spring semester. By the way, they're calling it "sand volleyball" as opposed to "beach volleyball" so that it will have more appeal to landlocked schools. Like this sport's name will dictate its appeal...

Morning Coffee Sees Delusions Everywhere


Wide-ranging commentary, including the future of Major Applewhite at Texas, the return to health of Brian Orakpo, and the possible negatives surrounding the announcement of Will Muschamp succession...


N.C.A.A. - No Computers Apparently Allowed

While I hadn't spent a lot of time wondering what coaches are allowed to use during games, this NYT article details the technological prohibitions of the NCAA.  It also contrasts this with the NFL...



Boring ya with some trivia... :)  What Univeristy hosts the Final Four opening round "play-in" game?  What does the winner of the NCAA Championship often receive from the arena they played in? ...

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