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Mack Brown staying, Nick Saban off the table?

During the football banquet for the Texas Longhorns, the shocking part of the evening didn't take place in the Erwin Center, but rather on Twitter as huge news broke.

The pros, cons of coming to Texas for Nick Saban

Why would Nick Saban come to Texas? Why would he stay at Alabama? Burnt Orange Nation goes through all the scenarios.

Mack: "No change in situation" entering meeting

The Alamo Bowl press conference didn't produce much except for Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown mentioning his upcoming meeting with president Bill Powers and athletic director Steve Patterson.

Crucial day includes Mack's presser, BOR meeting

From a press conference in the morning to the Board of Regents meeting, Thursday is going to be an interesting day for Texas Longhorns football, but only the first of many.

On Mack potentially digging in, more on Saban

Catching up on all the latest as Texas Longhorns fans wait for something new to break with head coach Mack Brown and a Nick Saban development that has Alabama Crimson Tide officials feeling...

Latest on Resignation Watch and a Nick Saban thing

The resignation of Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown is looking more and more inevitable as the first mainstream media report about Nick Saban replacing him broke.

So, there is more Nick Saban-to-Texas stuff


Step 1: Write Nick Saban-to-Texas. Step 2: Profit with page views. Yet, there just might be something to this.

Nick Saban - The Alabama Perspective

This is not a postulation on whether Saban would leave. Not yet, anyway. Frankly, that’s a discussion that would get skewed by the audience here. The Barking Carnival crowd (and just ask Sailor...

Was Nick Saban's wife house shopping In Austin?

The connections between the Texas Longhorns and Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban just won't go away. Head inside to get the latest news that supports those who believe Saban could be the...

UT regent spoke with Nick Saban's agent in Jan.

A long-rumored conversation between representatives for Texas and Alabama head coach Nick Saban actually happened back in January, according to an AP Report, as well as a meeting with Mack Brown...

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