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BRB Open Thread: College Football (10/12/13)


Don't let that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach about Texas' chances at the Cotton Bowl keep you from talking about the Red River Shootout and/or any of the other college football games...

Texas / OU Live Game Thread


If we can stop Okies from breeding in the cattle stalls we have a chance.

Texas/OU Sundry: 24 Hours to Kickoff


You'll always be Uncle Rico to me you slack jawed Okie Some stats from ESPN with a little fuzzy math but Manny Diaz sees right through it. Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones completes just less than...

REDACTED Practice Report From The Asset


To begin this report, I have the inclination to apologize. I’ve been sitting on this report for over a day and I’m still at my wits end on what to report. First, a little background. I haven’t...

Barking Carnival’s College Football Viewing Guide: Week 6


I’m keeping the number of games in the slate this weekend relatively lean. The majority of this readership has a rivalry and some hate to focus on. Moreover, the docket is top heavy this week with...

TX-OU 35 Years Ago: It Still Matters


It's TX-OU week. Everything is ramped up -- the hype, the anger, as well as the genuine mistrust between the two programs. Fans know this and they hardly need any added factors to increase the...

Big 12 Games Preview - 10/8/11


Time for the weekly look at the upcoming Big 12 games based on ratings and adjusted stats to date. Keep in mind that personnel matchups, coaching decisions, injuries, etc. will not play into the...

The Week That Will Be -- 9.03.2011


What we learned this off season... We learned that you can ride on a yacht and party with strippers and get a one game suspension, but you trade in an autographed glove and you’re getting five...

The First TX/OU Preview


Here is the short version. You can also use the matchup analyzer to run a slightly more detailed version. You'll notice that the yardage and turnover stats are actually slightly in OU's favor. ...

Stoops to Brown: "Kiss My Trophy"


The boys up in Norman are having a good time watching the Texas fan base get all stirred up over an * as well as some pay raises But Bob Stoops just says it's no big deal because I know where the...

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