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By Michael Levkowitz & Thomas Johnson (From Nyfwc.com - full story: Sources Should Say: Carlos...


By Michael Levkowitz & Thomas Johnson (From Nyfwc.com - full story: Sources Should Say: Carlos Boozer Trades That Make Sense) "Morey has been biding his time looking for a talented (and preferably marketable) big man since Yao Ming’s retirement. Boozer is no Dwight Howard…but he shouldn’t exactly cost "the house." Kevin Martin is certainly still a potent offensive player, but he clashed with coach Kevin McHale, plus he’s in the last year of his contract and he hasn’t exactly expressed interest in taking a discount to stay in Houston. Is Boozer a big enough prize for Morey to justify parting with K-Mart and the still developing Patrick Patterson? Boozer seemed to fit in reasonably well alongside Asik in Chicago, and would certainly fit in real well alongside Lin on the new Billboards around Houston. He’s still a top-10 power forward in the league, and paired with Asik, the Rockets could be assured of holding their own on the boards every night. More importantly, he can score from down low. Beyond Boozer, don’t sleep on the value of the Bulls’ upcoming draft pick. That team could well end up high in the lottery even if they don’t choose to openly tank, and we all know how much Daryl Morey loves his draft picks… Chicago upgrades the shooting guard position significantly (something it seems they’ve been trying to do since they let Ben Gordon leave in free agency), while ridding itself of the under-achieving Boozer contract. Many Chicago fans genuinely believe that their team looked most dangerous when Taj was starting while Boozer was out with an injury; the hope is that Gibson will blossom with increased minutes and freedom. Ideally Patterson, who people smarter than myself seem to believe has a much higher ceiling than Gibson ever did,will push Taj for minutes, and one of the two will stick. Martin can hit open shots in rhythm, and create with some efficiency at the end of the shot clock when necessary. Once Rose returns, the team would instantly return to the title conversation. In the mean time, Martin could well push Chicago damn close to the playoffs, and would certainly help the team continue to put an entertaining team on the floor during Rose’s absence." To read the rest of the article (with Boozer to Sacramento and Brooklyn scenarios) click here

Not Your Father's Water Cooler or Nyfwc.com

Rockets' Patterson determined to exceed rookie promise


Apparently Patterson was injured most of last year! (Shock!) Johnathan Feigen discusses his future in this article.

Patrick Patterson's Departure to the NBA is News to Patrick Patterson


We mentioned it in the post regarding next season's All-American candidates, but Kentucky announced five players were headed to the NBA on Wednesday. The group included four freshmen -- John Wall,...

On This Bracket Buster Saturday, Things Pretty Much Stay Intact


First, a note about Kentucky's great escape at Vanderbilt: WOO! It wasn't a great game. But late in the second half, it was at least a fantastic drama masquerading as a basketball game. Vandy hung...

Patrick Patterson's Draft Diary


Via sportsillustrated.cnn.com Patrick Patterson writes about his experience draft day and his feelings about the Rockets.

Jerry Tipton: Orton and Bledsoe looking to move on


Looks like two players UK fans were counting on coming back next season may very well be playing for pay next season.

Player of the Year Candidates -- Rank 'Em

Andy Katz has picked his top 15 POTY candidates for this coming season. The above link gives you the chance to rank 'em for yourself. I found it rather fun to take a turn and rank the potential candidates as two of our very own boys-in-blue made Katz's top 15 list.

UK Basketball: Tennessee, Ramon Harris, and the ever elusive 'third scorer'


Will the University of Kentucky Wildcats handle the Tennessee Vols Tuesday night in Knoxville? I think so.

A preview of the SEC East


SEC Basketball: A rundown of the SEC East

US Army All-American Bowl Analysis


Analysis of the 2009 US Army All-American game, focusing specifically on the seven Texas recruits at the game, but also featuring commentary on several other high school standouts.

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