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Morning Coffee Eyes The Big 12 Nervously


Pick 'em update Congratulations to our week three winners, The Chairman 211 and Logella, both of whom went a perfect 9-0 on the week. Each will receive a copy of Adam Jones' outstanding Rose Bowl...

Billy Gets His Shirt...


After all that whining ("But I write here! Why don't I have a t-shirt yet?"), Billyzane will finally get his BON t-shirt... Turns out, the man's not half as full of it as we all thought: BZ was the only one out of 220 to go a perfect 10-0 with last week's picks. All joking aside: well done, sir. You've more than earned yourself a shirt. And don't forget: weekly winners also receive a copy of the outstanding Rose Bowl Dreams by Adam Jones. For the rest of us: WEEK 3 GAMES ARE READY FOR SELECTION. Good luck to all.



If you want to have a shot at the South Carolina-Vanderbilt game, get your picks made by Thursday night, 7:30 CT, when that game kicks off. Picks are accepted in the system until Saturday, but only picks submitted before that game begins will get points for it.

Congrats to jc25, Week 1 Pick 'Em Champ


Congrats to long time reader and commenter jc25, who buried the competition with the site's only perfect set of picks. For his efforts, he wins a free copy of Rose Bowl Dreams and takes the early lead in the race for the autographed Darrell Royal football. Week 2 games are posted: don't forget to make your picks, and note that this week we add the final score tiebreaker.

Morning Coffee Is Ready


Depth a mile wide and inch thick. On Wednesday Mack Brown fielded questions from the media, including several questions about the plethora of 'ORs' (sixteen, if you're counting at home) littering...

Pick 'Em 2008: Burnt Orange Nation League Signing Up Now


Morning Coffee to follow in a bit, but first, an announcement about this year's pick 'em league. We're trying a new pick 'em league manager this year, hosting our competition at Fun Office Pools,...

BON Pick 'Em Winners


This was our biggest year yet in terms of participation in the BON Pick 'Em League, and though I was planning on waxing the floor with everyone this season, I failed to hit submit on my picks one...

Before This Particular House Of Cards Crumbles


I must take a moment to note that your blogfather not only is leading the BON ESPN Pick 'Em Challenge, but he's ranked #59... in the entire country.Am I jinxing my future picks with this moment of...

Reminder: Make Your Picks for BON ESPN League


Just a quick reminder to go to the ESPN sign in page (group name 'Burnt Orange Nation') to make your selections for week two.Lots and lots of perfect picks through week one. Things should get...

BON Weekly College Pick 'Em League


Back by popular demand, tonight we launch the 2007 BON weekly pick 'em league. The format is simple: Go to the ESPN sign up page. Click to join a private group Find the private group 'Burnt...

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