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College Basketball Rankings: Texas Longhorns Rise to No. 3


The Texas Longhorns rose to No. 3 in both college basketball polls this week, their highest ranking of the year.

UT Baseball #1 in Two Polls

And in USA Today Question is: will this be a blessing or a curse?

USC Tumbles to #12


Texas is back up to where we were before Wyoming, with 2 first place votes. Bama, however, ends up with 3. And basically sits in the exact position USC has been occupying behind Texas with total number of votes. Sitting there, just like a spider.... Miami leaps from 9 to 20, and likely to the Top 5 if/when they beat OU.

Texas Men Fall to #14 in AP, #15 in Coaches


Following a 1-1 week, the Texas Longhorns fell further outside the top ten for the second straight week. Wake Forest, the nation's lone unbeaten team, slides into the top spot after Pittsburgh's defeate at Louisville on Saturday night. The ACC and Big East dominate both polls taking the top four spots in each. In the Big XII, OU is 5/6, Texas is 14/15, and Baylor is 23/NR.

Texas Trounces A&M, Now Waits


Texas blew out Texas A&M to finish 7-1 in the Big 12. Now they wait to see if it will be enough to play for the Big 12 Championship.

PB's Weekend Wrap


I need to free-flow a little bit here, so I'm hitting the bullet points:  FOOTBALL What kills me about the situation Texas finds itself in is that it's Oklahoma who might be the team inching...

Longhorns Jump Sooners in Coaches Poll


A convincing road win was enough for Texas to move ahead of OU in the USA Today poll. The Sooners were obviously off yesterday while Texas is off next Saturday. The real question will be where we stand next Sunday, if OU defeats Tech.

Mailbag: The Myth Of Sisyphus


With each passing week in this crazy season comes more and more email to my inbox. Keep it coming. As always, I make a point to respond to everyone through email or on the site. I will never use...

So You Wanna Go BCS Bowling...


Breaking down the BCS Standings and the Texas Longhorns various postseason scenarios. Who will win the Big 12? How can Texas still play for the BCS Title Game?

Morning Coffee Is #1 For One More Week


News and notes on Texas Longhorns athletics, including the football team's upcoming showdown in Lubbock with Texas Tech.

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