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The Basketball Crossroads


Rick Barnes is at 'em. The most dangerous thing any coach can do is create heightened expectations in a fan base, deliver on them consistently and incrementally for a decade, and then falter with...

Part II of the Obese Hoops Preview: Why Texas Will Cut Down the Nets


For all of the sunshine pumping regarding our potential offensive prowess, there will still be incredibly frustrating runs for this team. Even with all of the offensive fire power that arrived on...

Texas Longhorns Basketball - Notes from inside Denton Cooley Pavilion


Trips and Hank Dudek have been doing a great job discussing hoops and we're all very excited about this season's squad and their continued excellent analysis and coverage. In an effort to augment...

Texas Hoops Open Gym #3


This is gold, guys. I think SL Xpress mentioned it first, but this has to be great for recruiting. Find more videos like this on Texas 360 Now Remember what Durant did in open gym #2, yeah,...

J'Covan Brown Has Been Cleared to Play


According to Burnt Orange Beat, a site that continues to provide top of the line coverage on basketball and recruiting. This is my take on how Brown's arrival could affect playing time and...

J'Covan Brown. Where He Fits In


We've discussed at length what to expect from the 2009-2010 Longhorn Basketball team. We've projected personnel combinations and schemes. We've hit on minute distributions. And we've made some...

College Hoops National Championship Race


The smoke has cleared from the recruiting circus. David Stern's WWF lieutenants have scourged the college basketball landscape leaving only the truest student athletes to carry the torch. What we...

Rick Barnes Talks Hoops During Big 12 Summer Teleconference


Good read from Texassports.com Here's the transcript and my thoughts on each subject/answer. On how this incoming class of perimeter players (Avery Bradley, Jordan Hamilton, Jai Lucas and Shawn...

Tidbits on Alexis Wangmene and Damion James


As reported by texassports.com, Alexis Wangmene has been granted a medical hardship waiver from the conference making him the power forward from Cameroon a redshirt sophomore next season. This...

Longhorns Commit A Guy Named Sheldon!?


And it's not to our Honors Accounting program. Meet 6-5 super sophomore (2011) wing Sheldon McClellan. h/t $$ Burnt Orange Beat If you like free, here's a write-up from the Statesman. And a clip...

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