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Texas, USC Will Play Home-And-Home Football Series In 2017-18


The Texas Longhorns and USC Trojans will play a home-and-home series in 2017-18.

Golden Nuggets: Cal and Texas to play Home-and-Home in 2015-2016 - California Golden Blogs


Excellent news, as Texas gets a quality opponent and a chance to head west to recruit the fertile California grounds. UPDATE: As noted in the comments, we'll also be heading north to play Brewster's Minions. Count me in for both road trips.

Texas Football: Regular Season Wrap Part 1


Final thoughts on the Texas Longhorns regular season in football.

Morning Coffee Thinks Vince Young Should Be The Haltime Show


Impossible to screw up. Imagine you're in charge of coordinating Vince Young's Saturday night jersey retirement at DKR. As you sit down with your staff to brainstorm the final plan, you know...

Morning Coffee Is Baaaaack


About this summer...  After I sent The Eyes of Texas 2008 to press in late May one week after finishing my first year law exams, I exhaustedly started thinking about what topics I'd try to cover...

Morning Coffee Will Take This Outside, Boy


Rap Sheet Update. There's been plenty of Cedric Benson discussion over in the FanPosts, with Benson (and those with him on the boat) claiming he was unlawfully arrested by overzealous LCRA...

Friday Research Challenge


Lots of chatter about the 2009 schedule, which looks like it will feature the weakest non-conference schedule at Texas in some time. It's not completely Deloss Dodds' fault, of course, but it is...


Rick Barnes Gets Kudos

Given the troubles on the gridiron, I think it's useful to remind ourselves that there are other programs at Texas, and very successful ones at that. The Gregory Gazelles easily swatted aside Iowa...

Morning Coffee Smells Like Game Week


The Statesman's Suzanne Haliburton had an excellent weekend column asking "Who's the face of the '07 Longhorns?" Along with noting the generally quiet, cerebral nature of many of Texas' senior...

Texas-Arkansas State Pay Per View Details Announced


As reluctant as I am to pay $30+ for any televised event, I must say, I've been sweating bullets about not getting to see the Longhorns' season opener against Arkansas State. Alas, no more, as p...

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