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Oregon's NCAA "Sanctions"


Did Chip leave town in time? He shouldn't have left at all.

The SEC's latest cheating evolution: Pay For Stay


Hidden is the Mississippi State probation reprimand is an inspired, new cheating strategy inspired by the SEC's bidding wars. What does it mean for the future of cheating? When does Nash...

The S.E.C. is D.O.A. and This is W.H.Y.


There is a misunderstanding that needs attention. Whenever this happens, we dispatch a few Barkers to clean it up the problem quickly and efficiently like Harvey Keitel, except we are clothed. ~V U...

Texas Legislature Putting Runners On The Run


Texas lawmakers are putting teeth into new laws focused on street agents and runners, making violations a potential felony offense. HERE IS SUB-ZERO. NOW. PLAIN ZERO! Needless to say, these...

Newton Bomb


Pete Thamel is all atwitter over the news that the NCAA has opened up a field office in Alabama. Apparently, somebody said Cam Newton or somebody representing him may have asked to get paid to...

Ralph Cindrich Does A Great Al Pacino


And takes a flamethrower to this place! We mentioned Ralph recently in our article about the Agentgate happenings down in Tuscaloosa. Apparently he was just getting warmed up. He had this to add...

NCAA Hands Down Swift and Severe Punishment To USC


No, wait. scratch that. The NCAA actually hammered IUPUI pinning the lack of institutional control scarlet letter on them. The Hoosiermakers will lose scholarships and vacate wins in six sports. T...

Hoop Dreams vs. Hoop Reality


If you're a fan of Big 10 basketball or college basketball in general you know about Evan Turner, the stud wing and bellcow for a top 10 Ohio State Buckeye club. Additionally, if you're a Big 10...

US Army AA Game/Recruiting Thoughts


First, I am very thankful that, for the most part, the Texas guys don’t do the hat bullshit. CJ Mosely was an utter embarrassment with his theatrics to open the show. Complete idiot with the...

USC Continues to Cheat The NCAA Is Too Gutless to Care


We all remember the stories and coverage that came almost solely from Yahoo! covering the fact that Reggie Bush and his family received benefits from agents and others that were courting him. This,...

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