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Taylor Jungmann Wins 2011 Dick Howser Trophy


Texas pitcher Taylor Jungmann beat out Virginia P-DH Danny Holtzen and UCLA pitcher Trevor Bauer (picked 2nd and 3rd in the MLB draft) to become the third Longhorn to bring home the Dick Howser...

2011 College World Series: Texas vs. Florida


This is your open thread for the Texas Pitching Staff And Other Affiliates vs. Humid Jorts and your commentary thread for the weekend on all things College World Series. Know your enemy.

6/4 Sundry: Saturday Sporting Grab Bag


It's June, which means we have less than three months until football. 8-4 never sounded so good. Our interns decided to show up to work for the first time in a few weeks and spent all Friday...

Big 12 Baseball Tourney Day Two: Taylor Jungmann vs Baylor Bears


Early first pitch at 9 a.m. as Baylor and Texas try to battle their way out of the loser's bracket. Or, Texas mails in another to start preparing for the Regionals.... I wouldn't be surprised at...

Coin Flip


There is a valid argument to be made about the 2011 Texas baseball team and it has painfully real ramifications - Is this team still improving and yet to reach their peak? Or are they already...

Taylor Jungmann – His Place In The Longhorn Pitching Pantheon?


The pantheon of Longhorn pitching immortals is well-established: Burt Hooton, Greg Swindell, Kirk Dressendorfer, Street father and son - to name a few - but right now we're seeing numbers from our...

Taylor Jungmann Is an Old Soul


For fans of a certain age, a lanky pitcher with a blazing fastball and a delivery that’s all arms and legs conjures up images of Tim Robbins’ character in Bull Durham. And while physically, Taylor...

Spring Sundry


As Rick Barnes knows all too well, and Charlie Sheen will soon find out, #winning can turn into #losing very quickly. But don't let that stop you from going on a one month bender, Brickhorn. Or...

Taylor Jungmann is the best pitcher in baseball


College baseball. He's a witch. Last night he struck out 17 Iowa batters in only 7 1/3 innings of work. And got a no decision. More on that later. He's filled out his frame and is no longer all...

What about the defense?


Football: We've talked a lot about Gilbert and the 2-back offense being built right now and not as much about the defense which has that same old question mark and a lot of impact guys to replace....

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