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Why Tyrone Swoopes will never be a full time QB starter at Texas

I’m comparing what he is doing to what VY did against 5A (I also looked at RG3 in HS last night though Copperas Cove is 4A) in a MAJOR competion district for houston and I’m not sold he will...

Texas Longhorns Recruiting, Road Tripping with Bill: PCA's Christian Morgan


Christian Morgan (2 games from JR season) (via 247SportsStudio) Tight end has long been the position that has frustrated Texas fans the most. Texas' lack of production at tight end has conjured...

Texas Football Gameweek: Ranking The Positions


Texas Football Gameweek: Ranking The Positions

The Statues are GONE


"The University Co-op Legends Park at the University Co-op is intended to honor the history and achievements of 52 Texas Longhorn greats. The Co-op has decided to pursue a different avenue to honor these Legends. To our fans who have visited and enjoyed the park, thank you so much for your support. Since the year 2000, The University Co-op ...has donated over $30 million to the University of Texas." -The University Co-op

Quan's Rings...thought this was worth sharing


Quan's Rings...thought this was worth sharing

Texas v Arkansas in 2014????


Is this game going to happen or not? Anyone know anything about this???

2011 UCF game, moved to 2017


Just a simple report, no addition info that I can find, one would assume that Texas had to reschedule it to accomodate the new round robin scheduling the Big 12 is starting next year.

Scheduling Gaps


Assuming these future schedules are right, does it appear to anyone else that there is still a need for another big game in 2012 and 2014? Just wanted to get some opinions on this and see if I may have missed any news about these years. Or if Wikipedia is just terribly wrong, which wouldn't be a shocker)

Texas Longhorns Football 2010: Running Backs


A look at the Texas Longhorns football roster at running back.

Texas Football 2010: Five Most Important Offensive Players


Burnt Orange Nation takes a look at the five most important offensive players to the University of Texas Longhorns football team on offense this fall: Garrett Gilbert, Tray Allen, Marquis Goodwin,...

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