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Catching Up With Former UT Coach Tom Penders


Tom Penders talks to BON about coaching at Texas, his favorite moment as a Longhorn, avoiding a Ponzi scheme, the Mike Rice scandal, and shares his opinion about the current state of the Texas...

Building Blocks


Big 12 notes FTC Some more to take out of the Texas win over Kansas: First of all, nobody saw that comeback coming. Not at KU, where Texas never had won, and KU had won 69 straight. Texas happened...

Tom Penders Wears Out Welcome. Billy Clyde Gillispie In?


One of the funnier things heard throughout the course of our 2nd half swoon was that we weren't better off then when we had Tom Penders, who was now the head coach at Houston. Hey, we both did go...

Texas-El Paso Basketball On Now


One of the two or three best basketball teams in Texas, the UTEP Miners are on CBS now playing against Tom Pender's Houston Cougars. With John Calipari disciple Tony Barbee manning the opposing...

Pollyanna Perspective pt 1


Before anyone decides to rip me to shreds for saying "nice things" when folks are in the middle of a great ranting period, allow me to point out that I'm generally pretty critical of the Horns. ...

An Introduction


I would like to thank the resident scofflaws of Barking Carnival for affording me the opportunity to occasionally write here. Since I am a charter member of the narcissist club (the other...

Freeballin’ with Tom Penders


In 1988 Texas brought Tom Penders in to turn around a lifeless program whose appeal was non-existent. Texas had the personality and image of a football school and the basketball program under Bob...

Garrido DUI video released


Good stuff. Garrido: This will end my career you know. Cop: What will end your career? Garrido: If I have a DUI. Cop: Why would you have a DWI? Garrido: Uh...no reason. Augie with the save! Now...

Tom Penders: "It's All ESPN's Fault"


Last weekend Houston's Aubrey Coleman mistook Arizona's Chase Budinger's face for a throw rug. Coleman was kicked out of the contest, and then suspended by Conference USA for another game. His...

Tom Penders, Coogs, Step Into Controversy


Arizona tripped up Houston 96-90 in overtime Saturday, and the Cougars blew a double-digit lead on the road. Tom Penders team was up 63-51 midway through the 2nd half when Aubrey Coleman decided to...

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