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Texas Recruiting: 2011 and 2012 Narratives


A look at the narratives surrounding 2011 and 2012 recruiting for the Texas Longhorns. Will Mack Brown make alterations to a successful process for 2012?

2011 Texas Football Recruiting -- The Big Board Update


A comprehensive position-by-position update of Texas Longhorns football recruiting for the 2011 class. Includes commentary on each target and commit, as well as the outstanding offers and when...

Morning Coffee's Second Texas Junior Day Primer


The second Texas Junior Day will not feature the incredible fireworks and insane number of commitments as the first, but it's still one of the most important recruiting days of the year. Who is...

Trevon Randle Commits to LSU ($)


Would not expect him to make it in for the Texas Junior Day at the end of the month. Randle is a linebacker from League City Clear Springs who played both ways as a junior, spending time at linebacker and running back and expressing that he wanted to continue doing the same thing in college. Not entirely likely that will happen. At the linebacker position, Randle draws comparisons to Aaron Benson because of their similar size and speed -- undersized for a linebacker, but possessing excellent speed. Far from a lock for an offer, Randle was probably at the top of the Texas board for outside, "spread" linebackers as the best in the class from that mold. The takeaway from this is that the Longhorns are going to have to re-think their strategy with the Junior Days because Randle represents the third player to commit to another school before visiting Texas for a Junior Day, joining Brandon Williams and Kolby Griffin. Considering the impact that a visit to Austin and a possible invitation into Mack Brown's office to receive an offer clearly makes, three players now represent a growing and disturbing trend. It's impossible to say definitively without more information, but the best guess here is that opposing coaches are using a second Junior Day invite to negatively recruit against Texas by telling these players they won't receiver an offer and/or aren't valued by Texas. Similarly, it's impossible to say definitively whether the kids are believing that, but the results speak for themselves. The bottom line is that Texas can't afford to have kids that would have received offers commit to other schools without visiting -- those players represent major missed opportunities. I'm not sure that the solution is officially offering players earlier or inviting some of the top players to the second Junior Day, but Mack Brown needs to find some way to mitigate the negative recruiting currently being used against Texas.

2011 Texas Big Board: The Linebackers


The 2011 Texas Big Boards moves on to the linebacker position, where there are a number of players who could receive Texas offers. But which players are the most talented and the best fits for the...

Morning Coffee Welcomes You To Recruiting Season


Afternoon Brewsky makes an appearance, breaking down the state of Texas recruiting as Signing Day 2010 nears, as well as taking an early look at the February Junior Days that will host the top...

Morning Coffee Weighs 2010 Receivers For Need


Morning Coffee talks recruiting, discussing a receiver back on the Texas radar, the merits of that receiver, Bud Sasser, versus Darius White and DeAndrew White, and a new no. 1 player in the state....

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