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Mack Chimes In On Bush's Heisman


Mack was on the Dan Patrick Show this morning and commented on whether VY should receive Bush's Heisman Trophy and other musings. What are your thoughts...If Bush's Heisman is returned, should they give it to VY, should he accept it or just tell them to go to hell. We are Texas.

Chris Simms signs with Tennessee


As amusing as this is for Texas fans that Simms is returning to Tennessee to play behind VY, shouldn't he go somewhere that he can start? He wasn't too bad in Tampa before that spleen business. Oops. Fixed the title.

Vince Young takes McNair's sons to Pro Bowl | tennessean.com | The Tennessean


Great article on VY taking Steve McNair's kids to the Rose Bowl. His maturation has been one of the highlights of this NFL season.

Weeks after more jokes cracked at VY's expense, Titans blog ready to support VY back at QB


If I were Vince myself, I'd hate to be playing for such a two-faced, finicky fan base. One particularly ironic con listed: "On a visceral, somewhat illogical level, I hate to see any position turned-over by default. i would so rather VY win it than get it by Kerry's complete failure."

Wake me when Terrelle Pryor's fake 40 time eclipses speed of sound


Is Terrelle Pryor's time believeable? Obviously the kid is a super athlete. It seemed when VY got top end speed, he was rarely caught from behind. But going through the links Hinton posted, it seems a bit stretched. I just don't see Pryor at 6'6'' 235 physically being able to post 4.33. What do you think?

Esquire Magazine: Vince Young Biography


A good read. It sounds like Vince has his head in the right place. This quote in particular sends chills: Oh, the Rose Bowl. It was fourth down and five. Twenty-six seconds left. The national championship on the line. In the huddle, I just wanted everybody to stay loose. So I said, "Look at how ugly they are. Jesus, they're ugly." And then I said, "We're gonna win this game." And I looked at each of my teammates and said, "One more down. Everybody do their job."

2005 and 2009: Colt and Vince


Dr. Saturday writes about our upcoming season and the parallels between 2009 and 2005. He believes that while Colt is incredible, he cannot lift the team quite like Vince could and needs more help. In that regard, I agree.

VY Gives Back


The other side of the "Vince Young Birthday Weekend"

The beginning of the end for Vince?


The Titans clearly don't need three QB's of this calibre. If Simms is really fully recovered, is this a sign the Titans feel he's a better option as a backup to Collins?

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