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BCS Crystal Ball

Texas and USC are the lone undefeated teams and seem destined to play for the national championship in the Rose Bowl.  Who else will be BCS bound?  

Big 10
Penn State (9-1, 6-1)-The Nittany Lions were off this week. They finish their season at Michigan State.  A victory will earn a Big 10 title.  Who wants to get rid of Joe Pa now?    Alternative: Ohio State needs a victory over archrival Michigan and a Penn State loss.  The Buckeyes have a legitimate shot at an at-large BCS berth.

Miami (8-1, 5-1)-One down, two to go.  Miami finishes with home games against Virginia and Georgia Tech.  Neither is ranked in the top 25 and both have had struggled with consistency.  Alternative: Virginia Tech should beat Virginia and North Carolina to finish 10-1. Two wins and a Miami loss gives the Atlantic title to the Hokies.

Florida State (7-3, 5-3)-FSU can't seem to beat anyone.  The Seminoles are reeling after losses to NC State and Clemson.  They have already clinched their division but the road gets no easier.  Next up Florida, then the ACC championship game.  Could FSU go 7-6?

Georgia (7-2, 5-2)-The Dawgs missed yet another chance to win the East with a home loss to Auburn.  Georgia has one more shot to get a win against Kentucky this weekend.  A win and they go to the title game.  Alternative: South Carolina could win the East if Georgia loses.  Steve Spurrier for national coach of the year?  

LSU (8-1, 5-1)-The Bayou Bengals ended Bama's perfect season with a 16-13 OT win.  LSU finishes with Mississippi and Arkansas.  Win both and they win the SEC West.   Alternatives: Alabama or Auburn could both still represent the West with a victory in the Iron Bowl and an LSU loss.

Big East
West Virginia (8-1, 5-1)-The Mountaineers still appear to be the best team in the Big East.  With two more wins comes a big payday.  Alternative: South Florida shut out Syracuse on the road and still controls its own destiny.  A December 3rd game with West Virginia will likely determine the Big East representative.  Does anyone want either of these teams?  

Big 12
Texas (10-0, 7-0)-The Horns have clinched the south and now must win in College Station to keep bigger goals within reach.  

Colorado (7-3, 5-2)-Buffs failed to get a win in windy Ames Saturday night.  If they can manage to beat a horrible Nebraska team at home, they will head to Houston. Colorado could still win the North with a loss and a Iowa State loss.  Alternatives: Iowa State needs another win, a CU loss, and a Missouri loss or Missouri could sneak in with a win, a CU loss, and an Iowa State win.  

Pac 10
USC (10-0, 7-0)-Trojans looked great again.  See you in Pasadena.  Alternatives: UCLA must beat USC in three weeks or Oregon could tie for the conference with a victory over Oregon State and a USC loss.    

BON's Automatics Berths
Penn State, Miami, LSU, West Virginia, Texas and USC.

At Large Potential
Notre Dame (6-2)-Irish need two more wins over Syracuse and Stanford for an "automatic" berth.

Virginia Tech (8-1), Alabama (9-1), Ohio State (8-2), Oregon (9-1).  

Rose: USC vs. Texas
Fiesta: Penn State vs. Notre Dame
Sugar: Virginia Tech vs. LSU
Orange: Miami vs. West Virginia