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The Best (Texas) Team Ever

I know about the Darrell Royal-led national championships in the 1960s. I know about the baseball program's legacy. I know Jody Conradt has been doing her thing for years.

They're all been topped.

Watching Texas' demolishing of Kansas has me conVINCEd that the 2005 Texas football team is the best team to ever play in Austin.

Kansas is not a high school team, though the Horns made the Jayhawks look like one on Saturday. Texas is literally demolishing teams on a weekly basis with only equally (and historically) dominant USC standing in the way of a national title.

Texas A&M and a Big 12 North sacrificial lamb have no chance against the Horns in the next few weeks. None. And I will be surprised if Las Vegas doesn't make Texas the betting favorite against USC in the Rose Bowl.

The talent Mack Brown has assembled is overwhelming, and it's a joy to watch so many future NFL players shine. There are no weaknesses on this team (excluding non-scholarship players, and I think everyone knows what positions I am referring to).

The tsunami-like momentum surrounding this program is palpable through the television, and being in the stands is even better. The lucky fans who made their way to Columbus felt it, those of us who were there for the exorcism in Dallas felt it, I know the ones in Stillwater felt it, and I'll be at Kyle Field in two weeks to soak in some more. When this team starts rolling, nothing can stop it.

Naturally, high school players all over the nation are drooling at the chance to join the Texas juggernaut, ensuring many more years of this level of success.

But these are the glory days, right now. History will point to 2005 as the year the program turned the corner. Even if something unheard of happens down the road (such as winning multiple national championships in the next decade), it will be hard to top the joy of this season.

The Texas Express has just four more stops: College Station, Houston, Manhattan, and Pasadena. Jan. 5, 2006, a day of celebration, is just 52 days away.