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Burnt Orange Nation Top 25

  1. Texas (Brutalized Kansas to stay atop rankings)
  2. Southern Cal (No one's noticing, but the defense is coming together)
  3. Miami (Early loss to FSU looking more like an anomaly)
  4.  Penn State (Win at Michigan State and they're BCS bound)
  5.  Ohio State (Showdown with Michigan looks like fun)
  6.  Louisiana State (Gritty win against stingy D; a high quality road win)
  7.  Notre Dame (A solid, if unspectacular, win over Navy)
  8.  Virginia Tech (Marcus Vick hype finally quieting some)
  9.  Oregon (Ducks making the Pac 10 look good)
  10.  Alabama (It all comes down to that Prothro injury. What if...)
  11.  TCU (They seem to go on these runs every 3-4 years)
  12.  West Virginia (Class of the Big East, for what that's worth)
  13.  Auburn (A team on the rise; win at Georgia is impressive)  
  14.  Georgia (It's hard to stay atop the SEC)
  15.  Michigan (Showdown with OSU will be fun)
  16.  Fresno State (Best chance to knock out USC?)
  17.  UCLA (Still lost to AZ. By a lot.)
  18.  Louisville (This is a talented, but weird, team)
  19.  South Carolina (Ball Coach is making big strides quickly)
  20.  Florida (Seems like Urban Meyer's been there forever... already)
  21.  Texas Tech (Oops. Didn't see that one coming)
  22.  Wisconsin (Big 10 is just brutal. Spoiler for Alvarez)
  23.  Florida State (This team doesn't impress)
  24.  Boston College (Meh...)
  25.  Oklahoma (I guess. Sooners still a year or two away.)
Just missed:
Iowa State