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Hold the Three-Peat Talk

A good friend of mine who is not a Texas homer like we are (he's an LSU/SEC guy) is already upset about the talk of a USC three-peat:

Let's get something straight with USC and the rest of the college football world.

USC is NOT going for a 3-peat!!! Period.

Who won the national title in 2003? Wasn't it LSU?

If fans say, "Well, USC should have been in the title game," then I say tough. The BCS is the system agreed upon by the coaches, and the coaches voted the Tigers No. 1 after the Sugar Bowl that year. AP's vote doesn't even count anymore. BCS is the accepted system for now.

If USC claims half the title in 2003, then Auburn should claim half of the 2004 title.

End of story.

An interesting point that will almost certainly be overlooked when ABC/ESPN start hyping a possible USC/Texas Rose Bowl as the greatest game ever, with the Horns hoping to deny USC its place in history as the greatest team ever.