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Served on a Tee: Another BFJ "Argument"

BFJ is at it again... While we're flattered that we're on a record-setting pace for number of times we've agitated a single USC blogger, we're getting tired of his song and dance. Today's pseudo-argument from SoCal is a "case" for Matt Leinart as Heisman winner.

Per his usual standards, BFJ's argument is straight Swiss cheese--holes galore.

We'll break down his argument, and you can decide whether he makes the case or not:

[Leinart's] stats (211-of-318, 66.4%, 3,017 yds, 23 TD, 7 int in 2005, plus 35 tcb, 34 yds, 1.0 avg, 5 TD), are better than last year, when he won the award.

Like the BS argument that USC gets to be #1 based on last year, this argument is equally meaningless. It doesn't matter whether Leinart has improved from last year. The field of competition may have, too.

Compared to Vince Young, Leinart has more Touchdowns, fewer interceptions, fewer fumbles and 603 more yards through the air.

To be specific, Leinart has one more touchdown and one fewer interception. As for the 603 extra yards through the air, it's simply a matter of opportunity. A different set of stats tells a different story. Vince Young is averaging 9.9 yards per pass attempt and 15.6 yards per completion. And Leinart? 9.5 yards per pass attempt and 14.3 yards per completion.

That helps explain why Vince Young has a higher pass efficiency rating than Leinart. Young is ranked second nationally at 169.3 while Leinart trails at 4th nationally, with a 165.5 rating. The bottom line: Leinart hasn't even been a better passer than Young.

And we haven't even gotten to the rushing yet.  BFJ, of course, tries to explain away the difference in their rushing.

And while Young has run the ball a heck of a lot-Leinart hasn't had to because his skills in the position he plays were sufficient to make scrambling for his life unnecessary for Matt this year.

Ah... I see now. It's not that Young is a better runner than Leinart (817 yards, 8 TD for Young vs 117 yards and 5 TD for Leinart). No. That would make too much sense. In reality, it's just that Young has been running around scared for his life, while Leinart has been able to sit comfortably and throw.

This is just laughable. Which is, of course, why we bring it up.

At this point, BFJ has failed to make a case for Leinart based on either passing or rushing, so he does what all sports pundits do when the facts don't fit the story they want to tell.

He pulls the character card.

Matt has been a steady leader both on and off the field for the Trojans. He provides moral support for his teammates-running onto the field to greet Mario Danelo after a garbage-time PAT just as he does when the kicker scores in the first quarter. He doesn't mind sharing the spotlight with Reggie Bush or any of the team's future stars. He gives advice and leadership to backups John David Booty and Mike MacDonald when he could otherwise be sitting on the bench celebrating early.

And he has put up some of the best numbers in the country whilst under a media spotlight usually reserved for Hollywood celebrities. The pressure is on to perform in each and every game-and Leinart has stepped up...creating his own "Heisman Moment" by finding Dwayne Jarrett on 4th and 9 with the game on the line at Notre Dame.

Unlike Vince Young, who turned the ball over four times against Ohio State, Leinart won the game for his team-his team has never had to win it for him.

The argument for Matt Leinart for Heisman, then, goes like this: He's under the spotlight, he has amazing teammates that he doesn't mind sharing the spotlight with, and he won the game for his team, without the help of his teammates.

Vince Young did not win the game against Ohio State by engineering a fourth quarter drive and throwing the game winning touchdown, and Matt Leinart did not need the help of his teammates to get across the goal line against Notre Dame for the winning score.

And golly gee willickers, you just gotta love how he smiles for the cameras!  Christ, the above arguments are why Leinart is better qualified to win a People's Choice Award than the Heisman trophy.

We're not here to put down Matt Leinart. To the contrary, he's as scary a passing quarterback as there's been in some time. But please, if you're going to make a case for him winning the Heisman trophy, at least attempt to present an argument with something resembling factual evidence.

Once more, the Burnt Orange Nation puts the BFJ in his place.




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