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Much Maligned Davis Gets Recognition

We've been as hard as anybody on Greg Davis over the past year. The oft-criticized Longhorn offensive coordinator has been grilled by Longhorn fans and non-Longhorn fans alike for being too conservative with too much talent over the past several seasons.

Not this year. The Texas offense, which ranks 1st in the nation in scoring offense and 2nd in total offense, has blossomed this year under Davis's guidance, and this week, the coordinator was honored for his efforts. Texas amassed over 600 yards of total offense against a Kansas Jayhawk defense that was ranked #1 against the run and #5 nationally in total defense.

In recognition of Texas' dominant offensive performance, the Master Coaches Survey awarded Davis with a "MCS Game Ball," presented each week to the top coordinators in the game. Congratulations to Davis for another excellent week in an excellent season.