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Andy Gray Goes Postal has been nothing but kind to Texas and this blog over the past few months. But they've had an inexplicable change in their tone today, and we're confused as hell.

Today's front page features a link titled: "The Only Heisman Race Vince Young Has A Chance Of Winning" The link then takes you to the online Heisman fan balloting.


It gets even weirder. Andy Gray then goes postal on Vince Young and offers this bit in his "A-List" section:

The NFL draft is an inexact science. "Can't miss" prospects such as Ron Dayne and Tim Couch are selected in the top 10 and miss badly, while more under-the-radar players like Tom Brady and Matt Hasselback are taken in the sixth round and become stars. This year, NFL scouts are drooling over the potential impact a tailback like Reggie Bush or an offensive lineman like D'Brickashaw Ferguson might have on their running game, or how linebacker A.J. Hawk or defensive end Mario Williams might bolster their team's defense.

But for every impact player, there is a college star who appears to be destined for NFL greatness but turns out to be a bust. Who will this year's busts be? Texas QB Vince Young, who has yet to prove he can stay in the pocket and throw downfield; potential No. 1 pick Matt Leinart (see: Smith, Alex and Couch, Tim); and Laurence Maroney, who lacks the size to be a feature back and isn't a good enough receiver out of the backfield to have an impact. Who are your busts?

Gosh, Andy. Right now my #1 bust is Vince Young "has yet to prove he can stay in the pocket and throw downfield"? Who, exactly, was it making those throws against Colorado and Kansas? Did Tom Brady fly down to Austin, paint himself black, wear four inch pumps, and make the passes for him? Seriously, I'm confused. VY `s the #2 rated passing quarterback as rated by efficiency this year. What else is Vince supposed to do? Throw the passes AND catch them himself?

For a normally fun and astute website that's given the Horns plenty of love this year, this one's got us scratching our heads. We've got only one viable theory: BFJ got hired by Sports Illustrated...