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BON Live Online

One of the new features you'll find on Burnt Orange Nation is the advent of the "Open Gameday Threads." Nevermind that we're contractually obligated with our parent network to do them--they're a great way for Horns fans to gather during the game to chat about the happenings live.

Tonight we'll post an Open Gameday Thread for the Horns' matchup against Samford. For the record, we'd strongly prefer you to go to the game, but if you can't make the game, head over to BON and post your thoughts on the #2 ranked hoops team.

Tonight's game will be broadcast at 7:30 p.m. CST on ESPNU television, or on the radio on KVET, online via SBC Yahoo, or on Sirius satellite radio.

Tune in to the game, then log on to BON to join the discussions.