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Measuring Legacies

Patienthornsfan has started an interesting Diary question (right hand column of the main page), and I thought I'd jump in on this one. His poll question asks which UT athlete from Houston, Vince Young, Daniel Gibson, or T.J. Ford, will have had the biggest impact on UT athletics when it's all said and done.

From where I'm sitting, it's gotta be T.J. Without T.J. there may not even be a Daniel Gibson in Burnt Orange. His impact on the hoops program is unrivaled. When Gibson came to Texas, he talked about taking the torch from T.J. Ford and trying to do what Ford almost did--hang a national championship banner in the Erwin Center.

Gibson is an outstanding player, but the UT hoops program took that step up to elite when T.J. Ford came to town. As for Vince Young, as amazing as he is, he's just another superstar playing football for UT. He might be at the top of that list of elite UT football players, but it's a long, long list. The football program was elite before VY arrived. The basketball program wasn't.

Cast your vote on this question over on Patienthorns fan's diary in the right hand column.