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USC/Fresno impressions

Two main observations from USC's 50-42 victory over Fresno State late Saturday:

1. My homerism allows me to continue to push for Vince Young to win the Heisman Trophy. That being said, Reggie Bush is the man.
   Vince's best hope is that probably not too many people stayed up as late as I did to watch the USC game last night, because if they did, their vote is most likely firmly dedicated to #5.
   I wrote a few weeks back that I didn't think Reggie Bush had a "Heisman Moment," as Vince did with his 80-yard touchdown run against Oklahoma State. Bush's 50-yard TD run last night, where he ran to the left sideline, stopped, then ran all the way back across the field untouched to the end zone, could have been celebrated with The Pose and no one would have objected.
   We'll get into this more this week here at BON, but I think Vince needs to answer with something equally spectacular on Friday against Texas A&M.

2. USC certainly has a Pac-10 defense. Meaning, it's nonexistent. If Fresno's QB doesn't throw into double coverage in the end zone late in the fourth quarter, the teams might still be playing in overtime as I write this.
   If Texas and USC do meet in the Rose Bowl, there is no way USC will stop Texas. The Trojans might outscore the Horns, but this game will look more like a Holiday Bowl than a Rose Bowl. The over/under would be a good bet even at 75, taking the over.