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BCS Crystal Ball Vol. 2

The BCS picture is becoming clearer and clearer.  Miami's loss probably cost the ACC an extra $14 million.  Virginia Tech could easily have been selected as an at-large team with the Canes claiming the automatic berth. Now, Ohio State and Oregon seem like the top at-large candidates.

Big 10
Penn State (10-1, 7-1)--The Nittany Lions became the first team to earn a BCS berth with a convincing win at Michigan State.  Remember PSU is one play away from being undefeated.  If Fiesta chooses Notre Dame first, PSU will most likely play the ACC champ in the Orange Bowl.

Virginia Tech (9-1, 6-1)--The Hokes are back.  They trounced Virginia over the weekend.  A victory over North Carolina to end the season puts them in the first ACC Championship game.  Alternative: Miami fell apart at home.  Now they must beat Virginia and hope for a Va Tech loss.  Not likely.

Florida State (7-3, 5-3)--Remember when Florida vs. Florida State meant something?  This year's game will be between two top 25 teams with six losses between them.  FSU has already clinched the Atlantic Division.

Georgia (8-2, 6-2)--DJ Shockley and company finally clinched the SEC East with a win over Kentucky.  They finish the season on Saturday with rival Georgia Tech before the SEC Championship in Atlanta on Dec. 3rd.

LSU (8-1, 5-1)--The Bayou Bengals kept on marching toward the SEC Championship with a slaughtering of Mississippi.  Only Arkansas could prevent another SEC West title. Alternatives: Auburn would represent the West if LSU loses.

Big East
West Virginia (8-1, 5-1)--The Mountaineers haven't played on a Saturday since Oct. 15th.  This week's game is on Thursday vs. Pittsburgh.  Alternative: South Florida beat Cincinnati on Saturday.  USF is still two wins away from the Sugar Bowl.

Big 12
Texas (10-0, 7-0)--The Horns have already clinched the Big 12 South.  Friday against the Aggies.  

Colorado (7-3, 5-2)--CU plays on national tv after our game against Nebraska.  A win takes them to Houston against the Horns. Colorado could also win the North with a loss and an Iowa State loss.  Alternatives: Iowa State needs to beat Kansas and have Colorado stumble.

Pac 10
USC (10-0, 7-0)--The Trojans nearly lost out of conference to Fresno State.  Last game is against rival UCLA but not until Dec. 3rd.   Alternatives: UCLA and Oregon would tie for the title if the Bruins beat the Trojans.

BON's Automatics Berths
Penn State, Virginia Tech, LSU, West Virginia, Texas and USC.

At Large Potential
Notre Dame (8-2)--only Stanford stands between the Irish and the Fiesta Bowl.  

Ohio State (9-2), Oregon (9-1).

Rose: USC vs. Texas
Fiesta: Notre Dame vs. Ohio State
Sugar: LSU vs. West Virginia
Orange: Virginia Tech vs. Penn State