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BON Top 25

  1. Texas (Gearing up for Friday rivalry game with A&M. VY needs to play big to win Heisman)
  2.  Reggie Bush
  3.  Penn State (I want a Big 10 championship game, damnit. Buckeye-Lions rematch would be tasty)
  4.  LSU (The most lethargic #4 vote ever. We still hate Les Miles)
  5.  Virginia Tech (That's more like it)
  6.  Ohio State (Troy Smith is all grown up)
  7.  Oregon (Quack attack will miss out on BCS bowl despite 10-1 record)
  8.  Auburn (Positively ROLLING)
  9.  Miami (Oops)
  10.  Fresno State (Pinegar is a stud)
  11.  Notre Dame(Who have they beaten this year?)
  12.  West Virginia (Am curious to see how they fare in BCS game)
  13.  Georgia (Strong, but flawed, team)
  14.  UCLA (Last chance to stop USC. Won't happen)
  15.  TCU (Again: SMU?)
  16.  Louisville (Not as good as hyped; still strong)
  17.  Alabama (The offense is lost)
  18.  Florida (Chris Leak will be a better pro)
  19.  Texas Tech (Home win clinches 2nd place in Big 12 South)
  20.  Wisconsin (Big 10 may be best conference in country)
  21.  Georgia Tech (Calvin Johnson is a stud)
  22.  Boston College (Another solid, but uninspiring, team)
  23.  Michigan (What a heartbreaking loss)
  24.  Iowa State (Better resume than CU so far)
  25.  Florida State (Barely)