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Thoughts from the Weekend

Well THAT was an interesting weekend. Where to start?

*Just as we started to hear rumbles about Miami's early loss to Florida State being an "aberration" and that they might be one of the two best teams in the country... they lose at home to Georgia Tech. All I can say is I want my NFL team to draft Calvin Johnson. Dude is big. Dude can catch.

*The Ohio State-Michigan game was a lot of fun to watch and reminded me a lot of the Texas-Ohio State matchup. Road team comes in, jumps to early lead and looks like it may pull away. Home team regroups, plays better, looks like it may prove the winner. Quarterback of road team leads team to game-winning drive to seal the come from behind victory late in the game. Troy Smith is Vince Young Lite.

*Reggie Bush is a sick, crazy freak. I certainly won't be bitter if he wins the Heisman. If it's an MVP award, you gotta give it to VY. The Heisman, though, is Most Outstanding Football Player. That may just be Reggie Bush. Vince had better go bananas on Friday if he wants to win.

*While I'm having nightmares about Reggie Bush running circles through the Texas defense, I'm positively licking my chops thinking about the USC defense. I like Pinegar and Fresno State's receivers quite a bit, but I didn't think they'd be THAT successful against USC. I think Travis is right; look for a lot of scoring if Texas and SC lock up Rose Bowl berths. Gene Chizik and Pete Carroll are going to have their hands full.

*I keep hearing Bob Stoops to the Jets rumors. Can anyone shed any light on this?

*How I intuitively rank the conferences: (1) Big 10  (2) ACC  (3) SEC  (4) Pac 10  (5) Big 12  (6) Big East

Then again, the Big 12 is 2-0 against the Big 10. Go figure.

*This is fun to look at.