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Four Years of Excellence

The Texas seniors already celebrated Senior Day two weeks ago against Kansas. The fans at DKR clapped, yelled, and raised their Horns with true admiration and respect.  This will be the winningest class in Texas football history.  That is quite an accomplishment.  Here are a few more recrods that are all likely to improve:

Overall Record: 42 - 6 (.875)

Big 12 Record: 27 - 4 (.871)

Record vs. Big 12 North: 12 - 0 (1.000)

Home Record: 23 - 1 (.958)

Home Big 12 Record: 15 - 0 (1.000)

Bowl Record: 2 - 1 (.667)

Record vs. A&M: 3 - 0 (1.000)

Pretty impressive stuff.  BON salutes the Texas Longhorn seniors. But there is more to accomplish. This group of seniors has never played for the Big 12 Championship.  That much is assured.  They have also never played for the national championship.  With two more wins, that too will occur.  More on the A&M game soon.