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Observations from College Station

I have had nearly two days to process my most recent trip to College Station.  This post is not a game review but more simply a few quick observations of A&M culture.  First off, thanks to the other Andrew for once again providing my brother and me with tickets.  It was my sixth straight trip to CS and my brother's first.  Here we go:

  1. There are only two colors in College Station: maroon and sand.  The entire landscape is completely devoid of anything striking.  It appears to have been painted by God after all his exciting colors were taken away.  The buildings, the cars, the ground, and the people are all either maroon or sand. CS is not exactly an art major's paradise.
  2. This one is more sad than funny but something that could only happen in CS.   From the Austin American Statesman:
    An member of the Texas A&M Parsons Mounted Cavalry was detained by police for shoveling some horse excrement up into the stands where the Longhorn Band was sitting. Longhorn Band director Robert Carnochan, Royal-Memorial Stadium public address announcer Bob Cole and a drum major were soiled by the flying feces. A officer in the A&M Corps of Cadets grabbed the student, who was then escorted out by police. "They came up and asked us if we wanted to press charges,'' said Cole, who said his coat was dirtied by the student. "We told them no, but I heard they were going to charge him with assault anyway.'' Cole said the Corps officer and many other Texas A&M officials apologized for the incident.
    The only funny part is that it happened to Bob Cole who, with his radio partner Sammy Allred, makes a living by throwing verbal shit at others through the radio.
  3. Math must not be a top program at A&M.  My seats were on the alumni side of Kyle Field. The kickoff was 11 AM.  A safe bet would be that most fans would probably want something to eat during the game.  Possibly a hot dog or a hamburger.  Apparently, someone screwed up the math.  By the end of the first quarter, my side of Kyle Field was completely out of hot dogs.  At halftime, hungry patrons were forced to resort to the hot dog's nasty cousin, the corny dog instead.  
  4. A&M culture.  I almost saw a fight under the stands between two grown men, one an A&M fan and one a UT fan.  I didn't get all of the misunderstanding.  But the anger from the A&M fan seemed to stem from the misuse of the word "whoop."  Priceless.  Also, there are very few girls in America who can look sexy in overalls and none of them go to football games in CS. I don't care if the overalls say "Hump It" as some did or "Do Me" or "I'm easy."  They are simply not flattering and should not be worn to football games ever.
  5. The chanting.  I enjoy going to College Station for games. I like seeing almost all their fans in maroon.  I want to see the 12th Man towels waving.  I even think the swaying is pretty cool.  But we have to do something about the post game chants.  You lost.  The game is over.  The scoreboard has no more time left.  After we won, the yell leaders were still leading the cheers from the students.  My personal favorite was the consistent, "Beat the hell out of t.u."  That one is fine during the game, not after. You lost.  Check the score.  You just completed your second losing season in three years.  You aren't going to a bowl game.  You are stuck with Coach Fran for another year.  There is no way you are going to beat UT at anything anytime soon.  We already know math is not a top program.  Maybe communication isn't either.
So, my brother and I headed out of College Station as fast as possible.  We had a great time and even got to see both the Small and the Large Animal Hospital on the way out.  See you in 2007.